Sunday, January 8, 2012

From GregB: 28mm Napoleonic Austrian Hussars ('The Lost and Damned') (30 points)

Last spring Greg and I had scheduled a Napoleonics game in Winnipeg and he was tasked to have two units of Austrian cavalry done for it (the game was a blast by the way). Well, Greg came through and actually submitted them for last year's Painting Challenge. Nonetheless, the shine was a little tarnished in that Foundry botched the order for his final three castings of Hussars, not once, not twice, but three times. So Greg had to put up with having a unit that was not quite complete which he found annoying.

Well Foundry finally came through (notwithstanding that they are the wrong pose...whatever) and after a summer hiatus where Greg moved house, they're now finally a complete unit.

These guys depict troopers from the Austrian 10th Hussars and, as I mention above, they are Wargames Foundry 28mm models.

Here they are below, ranked-up with the rest of their comrades, all looking quite ferocious. I can smell the bratwurst, unwashed lederhosen and stale beer from here...

These three replacement and their mounts will give Greg 30 points (and the satisfaction of finally having that unit completed). Beautiful stuff, Greg!


  1. Great painting!! A very tasty looking unit, shame they all don't count!!!! ;0)

  2. That is one massive unit of cavalry. Great to see it complete - looks lovely!


  3. Great paint job and boy what a large unit!

  4. A really wonderful unit, very nice painted. And there are a lot of them!

    Best regards.


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