Monday, January 9, 2012

From FranL: 20mm WWII German Anti-Tank Group and Soviet Command & MMGs (122 points)

Apparently Fran has taken some time from keeping Ray in-line to send in a few shots of this fine collection of WWII Germans and Soviets. First up is a very characterful Soviet Command stand. 

These 20mm models are from Britannia Miniatures. I really like the NKVD officer relaxing with his boot up. 

The figures for this MMG company were from the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC).

Last up, is this German anti-tank platoon. 

The pak 38 guns are from Britannia while the crew are a mix of SHQ and FAA models.

These 24 figures and 2 guns will give Fran a base of 112 points but I'm awarding another 10 points for the composition of the Soviet command stand, crewed weapons and the German artillery range-finder base.


  1. Really nice Fran in particular the range finder!


  2. Very good work Fran, I love the Red Army command group

  3. It's a full time job keeping him in check......

  4. Very nice models, Fran. The Command Group is wonderful (and you are approaching Ray fast).

    Best regards.

  5. Nice work, I was most interested in the Plastic Soldier Russians.



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