Monday, January 2, 2012

From PhilH: 28mm Napoleonic Spanish Infantry Battalion 'Regimento Voluntarios de la Patria' (65 points)

Phil has come through with a lovely battalion of 28mm Spanish Napoleonics to add to his Peninsular collection.

These lads depict the 'Regimento Voluntarios de la Patria' who saw action at the Battle of Albuera. Phil found some very useful background history and colour information here:

Phil had a spare box of Victrix plastic French which he put to good use to model these. He came across the idea from Aki at Too Much Lead  and the Victrix models seem to fill that gap quite well, especially as he did them in campaign dress - ragged and mixed in their poses. Very nice work here.

A shot of the full battalion, 25-strong.
Phil found working on these to be a welcome change from painting ranks of Redcoats. He'll be adding colours from Flag Dude when he (hopefully) visits Salute later this upcoming spring.

These thirteen will give Phil 65 points. Well done!


  1. Looks great. I had no idea the French and Spanish had similar uniforms.

  2. Good use of the spare box! Very nice painted unit!


  3. The "Regimiento Patria" was part of the best Divison in the Spanish Army, that of Zayas, so it was a very good unit.

    @GregB: The Spanish Army uniform was very influenced by the French Bourbon one and the uniforms of these "Junta" Regiments were influenced by the cut of the French Imperial one (so there are a lot of different uniforms types in this War).

    You have made a very nice job with them.

    Best regards.

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys. Imreally enjoyed doing something different and the range of Spanish uniforms during the Peninsular war is fascinating. These are fairly accurate, but I also painted a slightly more imaginative unit of light infantry:

    My limited reading around the subject has tended to be balanced and pro-Spanish, such as Esdaile, Lipscombe and the like, which pay a lot of respect for elements of the Spanish armies in the field. The Redcoats shouldn't take all of the glory, after all!


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