Monday, January 2, 2012

From Curt: 28mm Norman Crossbowmen (40 points)

I managed to get these eight Norman crossbowmen done over the weekend while judiciously avoiding relatives, partygoers and assorted revelers. "Yes, yes, Happy New Year and best wishes.  Now, bugger off..."

These are 28mm Gripping Beast castings. For a change from the norm I decided to use AP Quickshade (strong tone) for this group and then go over them with to pick out their highlights. On the whole they turned out OK, but I'm still trying to get the hang of the whole Quickshade thing.

Last pic is of my Norman warhost to-date.  Slowly but surely its coming along.

These crossbowmen will give me 40 points. Next is a batch of archers and some Jomsvikings for fun. (Mmm, jom, jom, jom...)


  1. they look great to me, I've never tried the quick shade dips but if you get it right it seems to make a quick but nice job.

  2. Stunning!! Very very impressive.

  3. They look fab! Not tried quick shade myself, but have been tempted, this shows nicely how it can turn out.


  4. ahh the joy of quickshade. looks great, but what would you use them for??

  5. These look great. I've tried the Army Painter quickshade in the past with so-so results. My biggest struggle with Quickshade was getting too much on the model. When done with a brush it works fine. I still prefer the GW washes.

    I've got the same crossbowman in my Norman host, they were fun miniatures to paint.

  6. Nice work Curt.
    I too am wary of the quickshade stuff, and am happy using washes...

  7. Very nice models, Curt. Your Norman Band (excuse me, Warhost) is growing fast. I have been thinking about the use of quickshades but I´m not sure. Looking at your crossbowmen I´m re-thinking the question...


  8. Nice job Curt. As you know I am a big fan of the AP. The plus over a wash is that it does not stain and as it dries in contracts into the recesses. To eac his own. I will have to look at Saga, but not yet!

  9. Very nice Curt. The AP is really working well for you!


  10. Good work as usual Curt.......quality!

  11. Thanks for the comments, Guys, much appreciated!

    @Henry's Tat: These boys will be used for SAGA but I'm sure they'll come in handy for Hail Caesar.

    @ Miles, John and Scott: Good opinions all, thanks. I like the overal effect of the Quickshade but I'm impatient with waiting and hate working around the gloss. I very much like the control of GW inks/washes (and I am familiar using them) but they can be overpowering at times with their level of pigment. Nonetheless I think all of these are great tools that require practice to fully appreciate.



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