Monday, January 2, 2012

From KentG: Early Imperial Roman Camp, Scorpions & WWII Medic (60 points)

Kent has sent in this wonderful Roman camp vignette which would grace any wargames table.

These are 28mm Foundry castings on a scratchbuilt base. Lovely.

Kent tells me two of the crewmen were completed before the Challenge and so will not be tallied for points.

Next is two ballistas along with their crew. Again these are Wargames Foundry castings.

Last but not least is a WWII British medic. This fellow should have been with Kent's last entry but he must have been out visiting patients or something. Not sure on the make of this figure, Bolt Action perhaps?

This group will give Kent a base of 50 points and I'll add another 8 for the Scorpions and 2 for the Camp (balancing with the fact that I usually don't score 'terrain'). So that totals a cool 60.


  1. wow-very cool fort building scene

    Kent is a painting machine, maybe even a T-1000 painting cyborg. How can mere mortals such as ourselves compete against such a force of nature???


    All kidding aside - Kent your productivity is only rivaled by your quality and it's a very rare event when those two aspects have a positive correlation. I'm am very much impressed

    Well Done!!!!

  2. Wonderful fort building diorama and the bases are great.

    Best regards.

  3. Totally agree with Miles. Kent, you are incredable! Fantastic work again.


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