Thursday, December 22, 2011

From TimmyD: 20mm WWII German Anti-Tank Guns and Crews (128 points)

Well, here is a large entry from Timmy in Belgium to pick up the pace (as if it wasn't blistering already). Here are two 88mm guns with a limber, three PAK 36s and a single PAK 40 and all with their attendent crew (18 figures).

Timmy tells me these are for an Operation Sealion project he's working on. This seems very reminiscent of Mr. Lurker's recent efforts on the same subject as seen on his blog. It looks like poor ole Blighty will get alot of German tourism in the next few months.

One of the 88s, its limber and the PAK 40 are Airfix. All the kneeling crewmen and the PAK 36 models are from Hat whereas the standing fellows are Airfix. The remaining 88 is from an unknown manufacturer. 

With so much equipment this lot rakes-in an impressive haul of points:

- Limber (8 points)
- 2 88's (16 points)
- 3 PAK 36's (24 points)
- 1 PAK 40 (8 points)
- 18 crew (72 points)

That gives Timmy a grand total of 128 points! 

I wish my Dark Age and Napoleonic stuff was all in Field Grey now... ;) 

Timmy's now working on a German infantry battalion to go along with these guns so stay tuned.


  1. Nice work but good grief people are keen!

  2. Nice work, the Field Grey is very fine. A great unit.


  3. Thanks for the comments, there's more artillery coming soon!

  4. Nice stuff and the work rate on some folks!


  5. Wow, a whole bunch of points on day 3.

    Nice work too.


  6. The 88's are Esci or Airfix. Most likely Airfix.

    Great start Timmy! I'm proud! ;-)


  7. Excellent stuff.Someone better confiscate that mans brushes....are they Airfix 88's ? Where are those tractors ? those wheels were a bitch to put to together!

  8. PS .... We will fight them on the beaches, we shall Never Surrender !

  9. Thanks for all the nice comments! I have one tractor i've put together some years ago when I started with modelmaking and the wheels don't look :S

    Maybe I will base the vehicle in an attempt to camouflage the wheels.

  10. Nice painting job, and interesting blog.


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