Thursday, December 22, 2011

From DaveD: 28mm Mahdist Tribesmen (145 points)

Okaaay! It looks like the two Tims are about to get a run for their money. As you can see, Dave is off work today (and sleep apparently) and has sent in a broadside entry of  29 Mahdist infantry to up the ante from his previous General Lasalle figure!

These are 28mm Perry plastics done up as mixed tribesmen. There should have been 30 of them but one 'fell from the ranks', literally (and under a chair caster no less - ouch!). I particularly like the dusty effect that the drybushing gave on the figures - nice goundwork as well. 

Dave tells me this is the beginnings of a very large project where he wants to see around 1600 of these lads completed. Yikes.

This lot will net Dave 145 points which with his Lasalle figure just pips TimB! Rockin'. Great effort and well done!


  1. Huzzah! Great looking figures, Dave!

  2. Blimey! I think I may have to finish off my box of WF Zulus to score some easy points! ;-)

  3. Nice!
    I need to hurry up and finish off my Shermans and get on the board!


  4. 1600 of them? Those are a lot of points!!!
    Very nice.

  5. Don't panic Juan... that will mainly be the Spring Season.. but i have worked how to do them nice & quickly for effect going forward. The rest will be proper hard Napoleonic points.Who invented piping!!. Well perhaps some Italian WW2 if needed. And the threat of a box or 2 of Mahdists in reserve might keep the lads on their toes!


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