Friday, December 23, 2011

General Lasalle's Pipe

This post originates from a comment Scott recently made regarding DaveD's General Lasalle figure which was submitted for the Painting Challenge. Scott was curious to find that the object in Lasalle's hand (and that of the famous painting by Detaille) was a pipe, thinking instead that it may have been a sword in a forced perspective. So I thought I'd quickly post this as some may find it interesting.

Since my earliest time in the hobby I've always found the life of General Lasalle to be fascinating. Lasalle was a larger-than-life personality who generated a very loyal following amongst his fellow cavalrymen - many who often tried to emulate him. One of the many vices that Lasalle was noted for was his love of pipe tobacco. It has been noted in several sources that he would often charge into combat not with a sword in hand, but instead be seen urging his men on, waving his long-necked pipe that he had received from the Governor of Stettin (a city Lasalle had captured purely by bluff, guile and bravado). In fact it is believed that this is what he had in hand while leading his final and fatal charge at the closing stage of the Battle of Wagram.

So, you can imagine my awe when I visited the Musee de l'Armee in Paris last year with my good friend Greg and saw not only his saber on display, but also his famous pipe. I was pretty stoked and so took a few quick pictures. 

So here you go, the pipe with which General Lasalle rode to his glorious doom at Wagram. 


  1. yes i made the mistake the first time i painted this figure in 15mm to think what was in his hand was flash and cut it off, not a wise choice

  2. Curt standing in the shadows of greats humbling. I remember getting that feeling at Murat's birth place,and friends from Vienna guiding me around Aspern & Wagram.
    I always wanted to recreate the figure and glad to have done so.
    I first saw this in the flesh as a Doug Mason creation(pre Bicorne mini). For those of you of a less seasoned age Doug Masons talents adorned the the first coloue issues of Miniature Wargames & Wargames Illustrated and represented the very best of tbe hobby at the time mid 80's). Recently I have been Luke to Doug's Yoda.."learn to solder you will". I will be learning at his knee still for some time yet - good job he lives 40 mins away!

  3. could you pass the photos in better quality please
    thanks for the pictures

    1. Give me your email and I'll send it along.


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