Thursday, December 29, 2011

From KentG: 28mm Early Imperial Romans (160 points)

As we can all see, Kent is now reaping the benefits of front-loading all those Early Imperial Romans at the start of the Challenge. Here he is again with another unit of Praetorians, 32 in total.

He will soon have another unit ready for submission as well. Kent will soon have churned out the better part of a Roman army in under two weeks! Cripes, and I thought Tim was a paintng machine - this is completely mental.

This fine unit will give Kent a tidy 160 points, allowing him a comfortable lead.  I am not going to give Kent any bonus points for this group for two reasons. One, he simply doesn't need them, and two, he chose to flaunt the temperate climate he's enjoying (sun dappled figures... sheesh!). 

Below is two pictures I took from our front window today. No, that white stuff is not icing sugar, styrofoam or cocaine.

Only in the Canadian prairies will you see cross country skiing AND touch football being played in the same park at the same time...

Its really not that bad as its very pretty and I just have to cross the road for a nice ski (as you can see). 


  1. Great painting and so bloody quick too!!!! Can't believe I not actually completed anything yet, I've got 4 things on the go at once, I really should concentrate on one thing and get some points on the board, I think 2012 will be Ray time, but I didn't expect to have this much catching up to do??????
    Looks a little chilly outside!!!

  2. Nice again.He's painted more models in this short span then I paint in months.....


  3. Great looking figures there and hopefully I'll have a couple with you shortly too!



  4. Impresionante.
    Nice work with these romans, and very quickly; you have painted all of these models in the time I need to paint only one!!!

    Curt, Are there Indians in these woods? I´m expecting to see Roger and his rangers coming from them...


  5. Amazing progress from some of the guys there... I'm still steadily plodding through my halftracks...20 now assembled, base coated and washed, and the 3 command vehicles assembled and base coated. I'm getting there...slowly... Nice pictures, whilst its summer here, though things have changed to rain for the New Year Weekend here (yippee - painting time) , it is interesting seeing the picture-postcard snow, my colleague here has a daughter who moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta earlier in the year, so its interesting for her too to see what the weathers like over there!

  6. Great looking unit. You can keep that white stuff over please Curt, we had enough of it in January thanks you.
    With all these Romans around there is of course only one thing left to say "I'm Spartacus!"

  7. @Juan: Yeah, at twilight with the white snow and the dark treeline it can be a little moody looking. Its great for walking the dogs though!

    @Scott: Fort McMurray is a modern-day Deadwood. Its crazy up there. Lots of money to be made but its quite wild and wooly!


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