Thursday, December 29, 2011

From PhilH: 28mm Spanish Clergyman with Pistol (5 points)

Phil couldn't take watching the growing spread in points so when he got back from Christmas holidays he knew he had to get something in sooner rather than later.  So, acting as a vanguard for his upcoming stuff, here is a Spanish clergyman about to give his sacrament with the aid of a dragoon pistol (!).

This is a 28mm Perry Miniature casting from their Carlist Wars range. Most of the Spanish civilians and clergy from that range could easily be used for Peninsular War Spanish guerillas  - check them out as they are pretty awesome models. Well done Phil! He's now trying to think of a name for him. There was that Irish priest, Reverend Patrick Curtis from the Sharpe novels and we do have a Juan Mancheno in our merry band of painters...

This will put Phil on the board with 5 points. Welcome aboard, Phil!


  1. Looking at this fine chap (a very nice painting job, Phil) I remember a Military Padre (Capellán Castrense) we had, years ago, in our Unit: Padre Padilla.

    He was really tough...

    Best regards.

  2. Padre Padilla? Excellent! I may have to remember that for a future Sharp Practice game.

  3. Padre Padilla it is!

    Glad to get some points on the board, now I need to get back to my painting table...



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