Sunday, September 17, 2023

More 10mm Reinforcements for the Empire

We've been having a good time with our 10mm Warhammer Fantasy campaign. We now have four turns tucked under out belt, with the four contesting powers battling remorselessly for supremacy of the 'Isle of Mist & Flame'. If you're interested in seeing what we're up to, please drop-in to follow the progress of the campaign here.

I find that one of the nice things about putting on a campaign like this is that it provides a great incentive to get stuff done. Peter's Empire forces needed a little more fleshing out, so here are four units that I've added to his Order of Battle: a regiment of Knights, a detachment of Handgunners, a battery of Hellblaster Volley Guns and a Steam Tank.

Of these new additions, the Empire Knights are the only old school metal miniatures from Games Workshop.

While I love many of the new models from talented 3d artists, I have to say I still have a great affection for these old metal models from the 90s - my lizard brain just loves the crispness and heft of them. Wonderful stuff.

I decided to give these guys a rather garish yellow, red and black livery. I was initially a little unsure of the colour scheme, but it's grown on me over time. 

The Handgunners are very nice 3d prints from Mini Rat Studio. Not much to say about these guys other than they're solid line-of-battle troops to bolster the Empire's general muster. 

The Volley Guns are excellent stl prints, again from Min Rat Studio. 

These do a wonderful job of capturing the look of the original 28mm models, and are much more substantial than the rather weedy original Warmaster metal castings.

Finally, the rather odd Steam Tank. 

This is a scaled-down print of a 28mm design from Double Edge Miniatures, which is a rendition of Leonardo da Vinci's famous Renaissance tank concept.

I thought it would be a great addition to the Empire's engineering park, and a fun departure from the original GW steam tank design.  I think it's pretty terrific.

For a bit of fun, I tracked down a nice little model of a Renaissance engineer which looks hauntingly similar to the Great Florentine himself. 

*Kisses popping fingers* Un bell’uomo!!

Thanks for dropping in for a look!

- Curt


  1. They look great Curt! I am just sorry that I can't seem to do them justice on the table.

    1. You're just getting your eye in with them, Peter. I'm confident that we'll see 'the Empire strike back'. :)

  2. Excellent looking Empire troops, love the steam tank!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain! Yes, I think the the steam tank is my favourite as well.


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