Monday, July 10, 2023

10mm Warhammer Fantasy Campaign

Hey there!

Our gaming group has been making some use of the 10mm fantasy armies that I've been working on over the past few Painting Challenges, with us playing a small Warhammer campaign. We have four players, plus me serving behind the emerald curtain as organizer and chief bottlewasher. 

The action takes place on a mysterious fog-enshrouded volcanic island ('The Isle of Mist and Flame') which appears every few decades in different seas throughout the Old World. 

The Isle of Mist and Flame

The campaign has each player vying to see who can be the first to claim 10 areas (hexes), allowing them to tip the balance and gain control of the island. I figured that the island idea would keep things contained and would allow me to interject with some fun story hooks and other narrative shenanigans.

For the strategic rules, we are using 'Campaigns of Conquest' an excellent little set of rules initially developed as part of the Mighty Empires supplement for Warhammer Fantasy 8th ed. The rules are only 5 pages long, but do an excellent job in capturing the essentials of running a focused, but fun campaign. 

For the tabletop rules, we're using 'Monsters & Magic' a bolt-on fantasy variant to Simon Miller's excellent 'To the Strongest'. The set is particularly brilliant as it provides ready-made army lists for most of the forces found in classic Warhammer Fantasy. 

I'm using Roll20 as our campaign diary. I believe it is open for anyone to view, so feel free to visit and see what we're up to.

Next up will be some new additions to my 10mm fantasy collection.

Thanks for dropping in!

- Curt 


  1. Sounds like fun. There isn't enough 10mm Warhammer Fantasy in my view!

  2. Not my normal thing, but it's been fun. Can you paint a Giant silhouette onto my steam tanks?

    1. But after over 10 years of gaming with our group fantasy and sci-fi has become a 'normal' thing for you, hasn't it? :P

      A kill-ring for a Giant would be brilliant.

  3. A fun looking campaign. Interesting to see it on rolld20.

    1. Thanks! Yes, please follow when you can. It's all good fun.


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