Sunday, December 26, 2021

More1812 Russian Retreat French

I decided to add a few more figures my slowly growing 1812 Retreat collection.

These are all Perry metals. In my opinion, this range is some of the best work they've every done. They do a brilliant job of capturing the utter desolation and despair of these men trudging their way out of frozen Russia. The poses and postures of these figures do a brilliant job of conveying the brutal, numbing, and unrelenting cold of the environment. Brrr! 

I have to apologize as my iPhone camera struggles with the high-contrast grey and white of my snow bases. I finally had to shrug and give up.

Hmm, I'm thinking that these fellow would be perfect for a Silver Bayonet scenario - perhaps a story built around icy Ithaqua pursuing a group of cut off French and Russian infantry... Excuse me as I get my notepad!

Thanks for dropping in!

- Curt


  1. Perhaps "icy Vancouver"...
    Great work as usual, brother.
    Cheers, Douglas

    1. Yes, you poor souls are getting a dose of it now. It must be paralysing for folks (and infrastructure) not used to the ice and snow.

  2. That’s a lovely set of figures Curt! Well done!

    Have a great 2022!

  3. Very nice indeed!

    I've actually been thinking of picking up a few of these packs for use with The Silver Bayonet. So much Character!

    1. Haha! Good call Tim. I think my first scenario of Silver Bayonet will involve these figures. Happy New Year!

    2. Oh, I do hope you'll post some pics of that game when you get to playing it!


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