Monday, April 3, 2017

Tokens of Appreciation for Helping with Challenge VII

As some of you may know, we've just wrapped up the 7th Annual Painting Challenge.  This year I had the pleasure of being assisted by eight wonderful people, who by tradition are jokingly referred to as 'Minions', but whose efforts are pivotal in keeping the event on the rails and running smoothly.  Similar to last year, I like to extend a token of my appreciation by painting up 'Tributes' for them, a little memento for their personal collections. Some have already been seen here, but a few will be new.

For Miles, who was our Monday Minion, I presented Abdul Alhazared, author of the Necronomicon, but also chief accountant for Azathoth, Narlathotep & Young.

For Alan and Paul, our Minion team for Tuesday, I did up a Russian Cossack for Alan's 1812 Retreat collection and a Metro 2033 survivor for Paul's post-apoc project.

For Byron, our Wednesday Minion, I returned to my Great War in Greyscale work and gave him a Canadian officer depicting Robert Combe, VC, hopefully seen as apropos in light of our upcoming Vimy Ridge observances.

For our Thursday Minion, David, I made up a Star Wars vignette as I know he his a huge fan of the series.

Friday's Minions were Phil and Sylvain. For Phil, with whom I share a fascination for pulp horror, I did up a HP Lovecraft figure, while for Sylvain I created an exploding Victory-class Star Destroyer to celebrate his recent wins in our Star Wars Armada campaign.

And last but not least, for Millsy, who kept on top of all our bewilderingly complex painting 'duels' I thought it suitable to give him this small vignette of The Duellists.

Guys, thank you for all your hard work and good humour during the three months of the Challenge. It was both a huge amount of fun and an absolute pleasure to work with you all. 

Until next year!


  1. Brilliant tributes for a totally awesome crew of Minions!

  2. Wonderful work, all of them Curt! Can't wait to see mine in the flesh. Thanks mate!

  3. Lovely figures Curt, the Lovecraft creation is especially nice.


  4. Absolutely smashing and jolly well done the 'Minions'.

  5. Brilliant stuff all 'round and I'm thrilled with my figure. Of course, it has led me to start Post Apoc shopping in a big way too (as you planned, I suspect! :-)
    Thanks indeed mate.

  6. Some cracking bits of work there.



  7. I shall cherish my mini - thanks

  8. Very nice gifts. Well done minions! Cheers

  9. A wonderful sign of appreciation Curt!

  10. Thanks for all the kind words! They were great fun to work on.

  11. Fine work Curt Tanks again for hosting.


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