Wednesday, December 28, 2016

AHPC Entry 1: Fred, An Enlightened Despot, and His Dogs

Every year, I make sure I start the Painting Challenge with the first entry. 

This year the overarching theme is on compansionship so this is a little roundabout entry exploring that idea.

Frederiche der Grosse. Der Alte Fritz. Frederick the Great. This same man who won the Seven Years War, unified Prussia, rubbed shoulders with Voltaire and introduced potatoes to Germany was also a great lover of dogs - in particular his Italian Greyhounds. The Prussian King and his dogs were inseparable, with at least one being recorded as accompanying him on campaign (Biche, who was with him during the War of the Austrian Succession). Frederick owned many dogs during his lifetime, most of these roamed free in his palace of Sanssouci, always at his feet, always indulged.

Frederick's wish upon his death was to be buried alongside his dogs at Sanssouci, but thinking this beneath the dignity of the old warrior, his nephew and successor, Frederick Wilhelm II, had him buried with his father (whom, ironically, Frederick the Great detested) in the Garrison Church in Potsdam

Nonetheless, 205 years later, after Germany was once again re-united, Frederick the Great was finally buried according to his wishes, next to his beloved greyhounds at Sanssouci in a small ceremony after nightfall.

Frederick the Great's grave (with the traditional potato offerings) next to his hounds.
Okay, on to the figures. Here we see Frederick the Great playing a minuet on his flute with his faithful Italian Greyhounds at his feet.  

This is a nice 28mm vignette offered by Eureka Miniatures which I think is based on the painting by Adolf von Menzel. 

Next Up: Some members of a Inquisitorial retinue.


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