Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The People's Choice for the 4th Annual Painting Challenge

Following right in the tracks of yesterday's Challengers' Choice we now discover which entries were amongst the People's Choice of favourites. I felt very happy with the number of folks that took time to vote - I thank all who voted for being willing participants in this little bit of fun.

Again, below you will find a gallery organized in alphabetical order of all those submissions that garnered multiple accolades from visitors. The finalists will be featured at the end of the gallery.

Andrew's Giant Spider
Anne's Don Quixote & Sancho Panza
Anne's Guinevere
Byron's Great War Canadian Highlanders

Curt's Cossacks

Curt's Post-Apocalyptic Neo-Soviet Militia
Curt's Rick Deckard 'Blade Runner'
Dave's Beja Horde

Edwin's 'Professor Morrison - Before and After'
Fran's Zombie Apolcalypse

Lee's Judge Dredd

Michael's 'I am Gladiator'
Michael's 'Say Hello to One's Little Friend'
Ray's 'Stricken Crusader'
Samuli's 'Ensign Kennedy at Waterloo'

Sidney's 'Mata Hari' 
Tamsin's Pirate Horde
Tim's Feudal Japanese Warrior Monks
Tim's Samurai
Tim's Hong Kong Cops

From the hundreds of entries which made up this year's Challenge three submissions in particular rose above to captivate the attention and imagination of visitors.

In 3rd place we have Dave's poignantly cinematic final exit of 'Butch & Sundance' in glorious 54mm.

In 2nd Place is the irrepressible Messrs Awdry with his wonderfully creepy yet beautifully executed Whitechapel 1888. (Which also had the honour of being our Challengers' Choice this year - bravo Michael!)

...and in an apparent nod to this year's 'Winter Vortex' 1st Place has been awarded to Millsy's superb 'Ney with the French Rearguard, 1812'.

Congratulations Mr. Mills!!  I'm delighted that another of our wonderfully crafted vignettes has taken top place on the podium. 

Millsy, in recognition of your excellent work both myself and Byron are happy to offer you a gift certificate from SG2 Creation's fine range of laser-cut products.

Again, I wish to convey my great thanks to all the visitors of the Challenge who participated in voting for their favourites. Your considered selections add a wonderful sparkle to the event.

Later this week I will post Sarah's Choice and my own Judge's Choice. I hope you come out to view those selections!


  1. Well done to the finalists. It's also great to see what captured everyone's interest. I believe Professor Morrison was Edwin King's. Fantastic job Edwin!

    1. Thanks Sean and thanks for catching that slip on my part - updated!

    2. Eh? Trying to steal my glory? Time for the Professor's death ray...

    3. With the head cold I'm currently suffering through I'd gladly have my brain in a jar...

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved-each one of them.

    That's two more honourable mentions for me. I think I hold the lead in that category and believe there should be a special prize for it. Like the Miss Congeniality Award in the Miss America Pageants :0)

  3. Top work Ladies and Gentlemen, worthy winners indeed!!!

  4. A fine choice, well done Millsy!

  5. Congrats to all but especially the winners. well done.

  6. At least one of my entries made it into the gallery for this one! :)

    Interesting to see the close correlation between People's and Challengers' choices. Hearty congrats to all 3 of the top spots here, especially Michael for placing in both.

  7. Well done everyone! Again, the three best reached the top.

    I'm amazed to be featured in featured in the 'also rans'

  8. Great entries and congratulations to the winners.


  9. Congratulations to the winners, excellent pieces of miniature art from all involved.

    Cheers, Ross

  10. Congrats to the winners, well deserved!

  11. Absolutely superb choice for top spot, well done Millsy.

  12. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Considering the company I find myself in and the amazing abilities that are regularly on show I'm more than a little flattered to be in top spot on this one. Well done to everyone who appears on the list, and congrats to Dave and Michael whose podium finishes are no more than they deserve.

    1. Whoops! How remiss of me not to thank Byron for his most generous offer of a gift certificate. Thank you Byron, much appreciated!

    2. *music swells* Sorry mate, your acceptance speech went too long, they're playing you off!

    3. LOL, well played Evan!

      Wonderfully done, one and all. It was a treat to follow along! Oh, am I not supposed to walk onto the stage and talk into this mic?

  13. Well done all and bravo Millsy. Accolades well deserved.

  14. Well done everyone, so much excellent work from the four corners of the circular globe!

    So... same time next year then...?
    ; )

  15. Superb choices and well done everyone

  16. Superb choices and well done everyone

  17. Well done everyone - wonderful stuff!


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