Monday, April 7, 2014

The Challengers' Choice for the 4th Annual Painting Challenge

On top of being very brisk, the voting for Challenger's Choice was was quite interesting to review. While the three months of the Challenge witnessed hundreds of excellent entries I found many ballots had several themes in common. Not surprisingly, I believe much of this had to do with the Bonus Rounds as they spurred many of the participants to put forward some of their best work over the event's seven themes.

In accordance, I've created a gallery of all the entries which received multiple votes for the Challengers' Choice. They are organized alphabetically except for the last three which are the podium finishers. See you all at the end for the final flourish!

Alan's 'Alias'
Anne's Monkey on Flying Carpet
Curt's 'Winter of Discontent' French Retreat 1812
Curt's 'Sledging for Marbot'
Curt's Belgian Refugees
Dave's 'The Duke'
Dave's Butch & Sundance
Dave's Mahdist Horde
Francis' 'Last Stand of Humanity'
Juan's Modern SAS
MichaelA's 'Say Hello to One's Little Friend'
MichaelF's 'French Battalion, 1807'
Millsy's 'Heinrich Kemmler's Undead Army' for OldHammer 
Millsy's 'Ney Supporting the Rearguard'
Sidney's 'Great War French Poilu'

Right! The top three entries voted by their fellow Challengers are, in 3rd place, Nick's stunning 'Last Orders from High Command' 

2nd place goes to Sidney's alternate fate for 'Mata Hari'

...and finally, last but not least, the top billing for Challengers' Choice goes to Michael Awdry for his brilliant (and chilling) gothic horror vignette set in Whitechapel, 1888.

Congratulations Michael! This vignette was an amazing triumph of both vision and skill - well done young man!

Michael, you will receive a gift certificate for products (along with free shipping) from the fine folks over at Dragon's Den Games.

I want to give my thanks again to all the Challengers for taking the time to submit their selections - I (obviously) couldn't do this without your help. My hat's off to you!

Tomorrow will be the announcement for the People's Choice Award so please stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations everyone!

    A will-deserved winner Michael -choose your prize wisely my friend!

  2. Well deserved win by Mr Awdry - congratulations sir!

    And hearty congrats to Sidney and Martin/Nick for the other two top spots. Richly deserved.
    (*very embarrassed to have forgotten Sidney's stuff when I was voting*)

  3. Fine choices for the top slots! Well done!

  4. There is no better feeling than receiving the praise of your peers, I am absolutely thrilled and humbled to bag the challengers' choice, particularly given the superb work that was on show this year. Once again my heartfelt thanks to Curt for hosting such a tremendous challenge, but also to all that took part - well done everyone.

  5. Hugely well deserved, Michael. That was a really spectacular tour-de-force. And splendid efforts all round. Some unbelievably excellent painting there...!

  6. Really impressive stuff, what a brilliant job.


  7. A truly wonderful array, capped by three cracking entries. Well done Mr Awdry, a most richly deserved 1st place yet again.

  8. Excellent and well deserved choice and I'm proud to say that it was my personal first place as well.

    Many congrats, Michael!

  9. Fantastic stuff, I'm sorry that I couldn't find the time to vote. Congrats to all but especially Michael A. I think the cream certainly did rise in this challenge.

  10. I think we all knew Sir M's murder scene would get the vote, well done to everyone!!!

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  12. Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved by three very fine painters.

    "The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts" -Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka). I liked that movie and that quote.

    1. One of my favourite childhood movies - so subtly nasty. Wilder still is the best Wonka. Nonetheless I discovered that quote is originally from Oscar Wilde (though Gene has the perfect delivery).

      Charlie Bucket: 'Mr Wonka, they won't really be burned in the furnace, will they?'

      Willy Wonka: 'Hmm... well, I think that furnace is lit every other day, so they have a good sporting chance, haven't they?

    2. Well, it was written by Roald "Tales of the Unexpected" Dahl, so what do you expect?

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    1. Well... one should look up the meanings of some words before writing something.

      Congratulations Michael! A well deserved first place. Congrats as well to Sidney. You also really deserve it. Thanks to all, I feel quite honoured to see my Germans winning the bronze medal

    2. Haha! No worries Nick. I do it all the time and its my native tongue so I don't even have an excuse!

  14. Fantastic all round
    Worthy winners all.
    Choosing was so difficult

  15. Top selection!

    I have to say, that I was quiet afraid none of my choices had made it to the shortlist, until I scrolled further down! ;-)

    Congratulations to all mentioned! Well deserved!!!

  16. Congratulations all - very worthy winners

  17. Great to see all these again and a well deserved top three. Congrats to all of you.

    Cheers, Ross


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