Thursday, March 27, 2014

Challenge V Entries in Retrospect

I've really been enjoying the galleries that many of the Challenge participants have posted on their blogs which display all the figures they submitted during the three months of the event. So in spirit of joining the fun, I thought I'd kick in with my own little retrospective of what I managed to eke out during the Challenge. 

Also, while I have you, please stay tuned later this weekend as we begin selection for:
  • Challenger's Choice
  • People's Choice
  • Sarah's Choice
  • Judge's Choice
So, start looking over the entries for the past three months AND all the bonus theme rounds in order to make a list of your favourites!

The Last Walk of The Wild Bunch

It's not over until...

French Paratroopers in Indochina, 1954

French Retreat from Russia, 1812

French Officer and Radio Operator at Dien Bien Phu, 1954

Post-Apoc Neo-Soviets

Cossack Sledge Gun


Circus Maximus Chariots

40K Priest

French Sledges and Cossacks

Belgian Refugees, 1914

Russian Peasants, 1812

Aubrey & Maturin

Eagle of the 18th

Pike's Pause


  1. Some fine creations there Curt,,even more so given your time constraints running things, well done..

  2. Excellent work, Curt!

    I can't believe that you managed to create such excellent entries while busy with presenting all the stuff we sent you... ;-)

  3. What a challenge you had Curt, exquisite every piece!

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful. The technique is all there and on top of that, your work conveys emotion. Always a pleasure to behold.

    Hope your on track for your LPL entry this Sunday!

  5. Like others I'm amazed you found time to produce such good work and keep up to date with the Challenge.

    Looking forward to next year!

  6. I'm always astounded by the greyscale work - it's art not just mini's

  7. Hola
    Magnifico trabajo,grandes pinturas para estas minis
    La pausa de pike ,le ultima escena me la compre en el ultimo concurso,tengo ganas de meterla mano,jajaja

  8. You did some cracking work Curt - how the heck you found time to lift a paintbrush, managing all the submissions, I'll never know!

  9. An excellent salvo of entries Curt! A consistently great set of submissions. Well done!


  10. All your entries were top-notch Curt. As with everyone else, I'm amazed at how you found time to produce so much high quality work whilst keeping on top of everybody's submissions.

  11. You certainly painted some great looking figures Curt, i'm just amazed how you found the time to paint???

  12. Excellent stuff! You produced some real eyecandy in these three month.

  13. You had some amazing work Curt. I don't know how you found the time.

  14. All lovely entries. I especially like Aubrey and Maturin.

  15. Really good work, Curt, and with wrangling the "Wild Bunch" as well! You kept a pretty good focus on completing/working on forces for gaming too. My favorites are Deckard and the Wild Bunch...The French Paras and Nappies are grand, but they remind me too much of the Land Nav and Wilderness Survival training I had to complete this winter! ;)

  16. Lovely work mate. I do find it extraordinary that you must have invented the 27 hour day to fit it all in!

  17. Lovely stuff mate. Your 1812 French really inspired me to have a go at those figures myself, although Aubrey and Maturin are still my favourites. I'm working on a theory that 'Curt' is not a person, but some sort of acronym for a whole organisation. How do you find the time!?

  18. Lovely all round Curt. Your 1812 project must be ready to hit the table, no?

  19. Wonderful stuff mate. It's good to see you had some time to get stuff painted.


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