Sunday, March 9, 2014

From SeanS: 20mm Hundred Years War Archers (80 points)

From Sean:
These 20 1/72 scale plastic figures are meant to represent a portion of the army of Treyine in the Talomir Tales campaign. Treyine is supposedly 100 years war England in flavor. This bunch comes from Zvezda English Infantry of the 100 Years War, Zvezda Medieval Peasant Army, Airfix Robin Hood and Strelets Military Order Warriors for the two footmen.
I have been futzing around with these figures for what seems like months. I have to say that painting the 28mm figures feels like a breeze compared to these. I cut out the final dry brush over the ink wash as I didn't feel it was going to add anything. I also experimented with both Burnt Umber and Sepia washes and I like the variety. The varnish step was a little more problematic and a couple of the figures came out ultra shiney. I was able to knock that down with some Vallejo Matte Varnish, excellent stuff. I will do a post on my blog with comparison shots when the figures are released to be put up there.

I hope you all enjoy my very first non themed entry. I'm hoping it will not be my last.
Lovely work Sean. I really like the varied poses of these figures, especially the fellows who are in the midst of nocking and drawing their longbows. I also like the muted effect you achieved with the two washes, it really reinforces the grubby nature of the period. 

This gaggle of archers will give Sean 80 points. Great job!


  1. Woohoo! Thanks a bunch Curt. Next batch coming soon. I meant to send it today but caught my wife's crud.

  2. Yes they do look realistically grubby. I really like them.

  3. Yes, not a king in the bunch ;).

  4. Goodlooking archers Sean.

  5. Great looking figures, great job on these



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