Sunday, March 9, 2014

From LeeH: 28mm Cowboys & Challenge Desperado (75 points)

From Lee:
At last I have another submission. This consists of a dozen characters from the ugliest corner of the wild wild of which is my entry figure for the challenge. 
I bought these models at Blog-Con in Nottingham last year which was hosted at Wargames Foundry. Being surrounded as I was by all those packets of shiny metal figures my self resolve didn't stand a chance and I left with a big bag of models and no clear reason why I bought any of them!

Thanks to the Painting Challenge I have actually managed to put paint on metal to pretty much everything I bought on that day, and you never know, I may even get to game with these at some point. This bunch of wild west bad'un's have great character and were a real pleasure to paint. I would have submitted these a few days ago but when I finished I realised I only had eleven figures in my gang. The twelfth man was still on the run in nout but his undercoat and was found in a hideout behind the water bottle on my desk. 
Another Characterful Challenge Desperado!

I hope you like them (and your wild bunch figure) and now I just have to make that last big push to get my final few figures finished so I can reach my target of 600pts. 

Wonderful work Lee! There are some really fabulous characters in this lot and I really love my Challenge Desperado. With that hefty dragoon pistol he's toting he should be able to put some serious holes in his adversaries (or make some very loud bangs).

This lot of gunslingers and Wild West riffraff will give Lee 75 points. Nice job Mr. H!


  1. "Meaner'n rattlesnakes and sneakier'n coyotes, that's the Lee Gang alright..."

    Some lovely work there, Lee - clearly, when you bought these desperadoes, your subconscious knew that they would be needed some day!

  2. They are a fine collection Lee , well done

  3. These are some pretty nice lads! Wellmdone.

  4. Really good submission. Great job Lee.

  5. I think these turned out to be a good buy after all. Great brushwork!!

  6. "The ugliest corner of the wild wild west." They should feel at home in Posties shed of war! Nice work Lee I shall look forward to some old west shenanigans!

    1. I'm pretty sure Fran mentioned something about running a game....

  7. More great looking cowboys



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