Saturday, March 1, 2014

From JaccoK: 28mm AWI 'Light Horse Harry Lee's Legion' (90 points)

Jacco answers Rob's challenge and so submits these excellent dismounted AWI cavalrymen.

From Jacco:
28mm Perry Miniatures Lee’s Legion for the American War of Independence. There are 18 of them.

I have chosen to paint them as dismount dragoons. Lucky for me the Perry’s just released the mounted version of these guys.

Wonderful work Jacco! I really like the contrast between their buff riding breeches and the green of their coats - very smart. I hope we will see some of the mounted versions from you before the Challenge ends. 

These dismounted troopers of Light Horse Harry Lee will give Jacco 90 points. Great work and well done on getting Rob back into your sights. 


  1. Hmmm, better be careful with those around Ray - he might mistake them for budgies and try to smuggle them ;)

    Very nice work Jacco

  2. Lovely! I'm quite enjoying these as I'm very partial to the period and the painting is very nice.


  3. Very nice and different


  4. Great work! I really like how the green on the tunics turned out...

  5. I like those. Very well done. I do likes me a bit of AWI!


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