Saturday, March 1, 2014

From ClintB: Warmachine Crxy BoneJack 'Defiler' (12 points)

From Clint:
"Warmachine BoneJack Defiler"

The Crxy Warjacks and bone jacks are not as robust as many of the other factions. Being Part Pirate, part robot, part undead and part magic I wanted it to look like it had been neglected and abused and finally crawling chicken like from the swamp. The defiler Bone jack is actually a light assault robot and while it is not too good in melee it is armed with a 'sludge gun' which sounds pretty unpleasant if you ask me.

It has taken me a couple of years to finally get around to painting, but now that I have I must admit I did like the challenge. All my club members have moved on from playing Warmachine now, but I still have a few more bits and bobs to do before I can field enough of a force to put up any kind of fight. I guess the morale of this story is I need to paint faster! Oh well too late! But at least I am happy with it.

That's a very cool mini Clint! I really like the rust effect on the BoneJack's armour but I must say I'm quite taken by that toxic pool it's striding through - how did you achieve that? Very nice work.

This fellow will give Clint 12 points.


  1. You've done a good job on this Clint.

  2. Very well done! As Curt I like the toxic pool/ swamp the most.

  3. Very nice Cryx machine, Clint! Suitably distressed looking and the base is excellent! You may have the last warband in the club, but if they all look like this one, you'll have the sharpest looking warband! ;)

  4. Thanks Guys.

    The "toxic pool" is actually very simple it is just a wet on wet painting technique, Pain the pool and while the paint is still well paint the next colour. If you are not to bothered about getting it neat the paints blend with each other. If they are not blending and mixing enough encourage them with a brush.... dead easy really. Hope that explains it.

  5. That is some superb basing mate. Absolutely stunning!


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