Monday, March 17, 2014

From GillesW: 40mm Gladiator for Studio Tomahawk's 'JUGULA" (7 points)

From Gilles:
First of all, thanks a lot for the Challenge and for all you have done these last three months for us.
Here is the cherry on the cake, a 35-40mm Gripping beast figure for JUGULA, the new game of Studio Tomahawk, my first try on this scale.
A completely different process of painting based on the three layers improved by 2 more layers on the greatest parts with few washes and glazes here and there.
A total of 6 hours of painting, fortunately I only need 3 more figures to play.

No oil on the body, yes I like gladiator movies...

Ooh, wonderful work Gilles. I've heard of this upcoming game from Studio Tomahawk and I'm very eager to see both the 'Jugula' rules and the models myself. By the look of your figure above it would seem that they'll have a very nice range of Gladiators on offer. I feel my wallet leaving my back pocket of its own volition...

This fierce fellow will give Gilles 7 points. Very nice.


  1. "We who are about to die..."

    Excellent stuff!

  2. That's a really nice Gladiator.

  3. That's jolly good. I'm always interested to see other people's take on gladiator armour. It seems such a mish-mash of theory, fact and fancy at times.


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