Saturday, March 8, 2014

From FranL: 28mm Zombies for 'Zombicide' (120 points)

From Francis:
More 28mm plastic Zombicide zombie shenanigans with this box set of 24 infected specimens with what they say are three unique sculpts, I especially like the big momma fatties as they're called.
They say that you need more zombies to make the game better or just a sneaky marketing ploy?

Well there you have it...plastic zombie madness from Walk of the Dead Set 2.
Sneaky marketing aside these look great Fran. In addition to the Big Momma what are the other two unique sculpts to this box? I like the two that are dashing as I've always found 'fast' zombies to be particularly scary. 

These two dozen undead will give Fran 120 points. Great work and I hope we get to read a battle report on this game from you soon.


  1. Nice one Fran. RE: fast zombies.... remember the first rule: CARDIO.

  2. Impressive work again. Yor zombies do look excellent... if one can say so.

  3. Great zombie horde your building Fran. So often I see people using lots of these unpainted, so I image the sight of a painted mob will in action will be very impressive. Looking for to a game write up.

  4. Now that's a hoard! Great job Francis.

  5. Thanks people, I believe the unique sculpts are in the first row, big momma, severed neck next, skip one and the cool pose in black.

  6. Great work on all of them by Fran - I agree that Big Momma Fattie caught my eye immediately.

  7. Fran
    Nice zombies. I have to say that the juxtaposition of sleazy marketeers and zombies seems apt. There's a "pusher" aspect to some parts of our hobbies. I recall a used book seller in Halifax who would give away the first book of David Eddings Belgariad series as a freebie - knowing that the customers would keep coming back for their next fix.
    Cheers, PD

  8. Top work Fran. Gotta love the unique sculpts, more more more

  9. Really good looking Zombies (if that is such a thing).
    Great job.

  10. You're on fire with these Zombicide figures Fran. I do hope you can have a couple of games with them!


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