Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Voters Selection for the 'Hero' Bonus Round & Additional Achievments

If I'm not mistaken the bonus rounds seem to be getting better and better as we move through the Challenge. This fortnight's theme was 'Hero or Heroic Group' and we had many wonderful entries. From chivalrous frogs to panzer commanders, from plucky gnome archers to Marshal Ney 'The Bravest of the Brave' - we ran the range of dashing heroes and resolute heroines.  

In regards to the voting it was a close race amongst all the leaders. Accordingly, the runners up to 3rd were:

Samuli with his wonderfully gritty Great War French Poilu...

...and Anne's whimsical fantasy scene of gnomes, goblins and giant mushrooms.

When it came down to the crunch of the final day, 3rd place was tied between two entries: My Rick Dekard...

...and Sidney's very evocative scene of Oberleutenant Von Brandis' assault on Fort Douaumont at Verdun. Sidney and I will both receive 25 points to add to our total. Well done my dear Mr. Roundwood!

2nd place was claimed by Michael Awdry with is wonderful team of celtic heroes and fetching heroine. Well done sir!

Finally the entry which claimed 1st place was Martin's (Nick's) superb Childeric of the Franks and his retinue. For this fantastic entry Martin will be awarded 75 points to add to his total along with a gift voucher from the good folks from Warbases. Wonderful job and congratulations!

In addition to the above we had several other notable achievements that came from the bonus round (and in the past day or so):

1) Tamsin claims the 1K points race that was fought between her, Ian and Burkhard. Well done Tamsin!

2) Millsy met his 1250 points target and has now taken aim at 2000. Well done and good luck on the next goal!

3) DaveD has achieved his 600 point target and with his most recent horde of Ansars has ranged-in on 2250 as his new goal. Well done Dave!

4) MichaelA has crossed the 600 points line with this, his second 2nd place finish. Bravo! What will it be now Mr. A? I'll call you out: Can you reach 800 by March 20th?

5) Edwin has met his 540 point target with his very creative 'A Aranha'. What is the new target Edwin and will we be treated to more of your 54mm goodness before the Challenge is concluded?

6) MartinN (aka 'Nick') has broke through his 400 point target with this resounding 1st place finish.  We all look forward to your upcoming submissions to both the main and theme challenges.

7) ...and I managed to creep past my 700 point goal. As some may know I have a 'side duel' with Sidney to see who can get to 700 points first but I am not counting points from the bonus rounds for this 'affair of honour'. I need another 82 points and Sidney owes me a painted figure. I have you in my sights Mr. Roundwood!


  1. Well done everyone! As Curt says, the entries are getting better each time.

  2. Congrats to the winners! Truly wonderful work. Gotta love Anne's selection of minis as they really stand out from the rest of the bunch

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Yes, the skill level keeps going up with each round and I can only imagine what it will be like when we get to "The Last Stand"

    Also congrats to those of you who have achieved significant hallmarks!

  4. Another stunning set of submission from everybody!
    Well done to the winners and everyone who has passed a milestone recently

  5. Well done an congratulations!

  6. Congrats to everyone who took part. And congrats to all those whoe achieved milestones.

  7. Well done everyone, especially the winners. Some serious eye candy coming out every single time!

  8. Congrats to the winners - well deserved for all of them.

    Also congrats to all the target breakers :)

  9. Sounds like we are all getting plenty completed.
    Congrats to the vote winners. Well deserved.
    Well done goal and target achievers.
    Another great round so thanks Curt for working behind the scenes.

  10. Well done to everyone who entered but especially all the winners, there were some really stunning entries this round.

  11. They all look great and well deserving of the recognition.

  12. Congrats all - very fine all round

  13. Absolutely thrilled to have bagged another 2nd place, especially given the quality of entries in this round. I know that I've felt the need to up my game this year and can't wait to see what happens in the casualty round! Now, Mr. Campbell about this calling out nonsense, why not make it a 1000 and keep it interesting?

    1. Excellent!! A deft ripost, sir. As you can obviously talk the talk let's see if you can walk the walk. 1000 points it is!! You are duly marked.

      Just so we're clear: You have 36 days and 7 hours left in the Challenge to come up with 355 points. No pressure Mr. Awdry. No pressure at all... ;)

      Looking forward to it Michael!

  14. Well done all, this one was a tough one to call.

  15. Congratulations everyone! I really enjoyed this round, and all of the entries. And well done Curt...very sporting, Sir. I doubt I will catch up...but never say never!!!

  16. Congratulations to everyone involved and many thanks to Curt for your work you put into the organisation of this bonus round. And of course thanks for all your votes!


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