Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From GillesW: 15mm Ancient Libyan Infantry (144 points)

From Gilles:
Here is my new submission for the Challenge, 72 Early Libyan footmen coming from the 15mm ranges of Chariot Miniatures and Essex miniatures.

They are done for some days now but stood unbased on the painting table, as I was diverted by other more funny tasks than basing.
Still have the chariotry and the commanders to finish the army.
So now it’s time to return to the Jester’s bath. Hope you like them.

Great work Gilles! I really like the variety of bright colours of their clothes and headdress. Also, I find the groundwork is very well done, doing a great job in portraying the local arid environment - minimalist but effective. 

This horde of Libyans will give Gilles 144 points. Well done!

Enjoy your bath(!?) Is this a New Years Resolution or an annual thing?  ;-P


  1. Nice one Giles. Some lovely stuff here.

  2. I must say those figures look great, the colours really stand out for 15mm.


  3. Great work. A lot of figures.

  4. That's a great mas of figures. It is always good when you see an army taking shape.

  5. Outstanding work! I really like the variety you painted the clothes in.

  6. Lovely work on these Gilles.
    Great looking horde

  7. Very nicely done Gilles, love the basing too!


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