Monday, February 3, 2014

From TimB: 28mm Feudal Japanese Warrior Monks & Napoleonic French Artillery (110 points)

From Tim:
The Monks

These are for my second Sohei Buntai for Ronin. All the miniatures are from the Assault Group. I am currently putting together TEN 400 point buntai for a campaign/tournament I am hosting in JUST THREE WEEKS! This is a bit more than 400 points worth - I am still tweaking this force..
The Grand Master and his two Senior Sohei.
Four Sohei with naginata
Four Sohei with yumi (bow) though one has hair, which is annoying because I'm pretty sure all monks shaved their heads... When it first arrived I thought I might add a bit more of a cowl with green stuff to cover the offending hair... but I didn't... call it laziness.... or call it panic - because I still have three more buntai to finish in the next three weeks!
Some figures that I thought I might use as initiates. Again, some of them have hair.... maybe they're SO new to the order they haven't had a chance to shave their heads...? 

The Gunners
 This might be a bit of a shock to those that have followed my blog a while or have known me personally…
 French Napoleonic Line Artillery from Perry Miniatures....

I've been playing Neil Thomas' Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe and really enjoy it. I noticed he had a set of rules for the Napoleonic Wars, and figuring it would be about the same I picked up a copy. It being quite similar to the other rules I thought it might be fun to play and not a lot of stuff is required. I have half a British force already, so I thought I'd pick up enough stuff for a French force to oppose it.... and I happen to be ordering stuff from Perry Miniatures for the Ronin campaign... so I ordered this gun and crew....

I really know next to nothing about the Napoleonic era - and even less about the French. I find the myriad of different uniforms and combinations of equipment a bit dizzying at times... but after studying the sample on the Perry website, a few Napoleonic Line Artillery plates I was able to find on the web, and Curt's fabulous example - right here in the Analogue Hobbies Napoleonic Gallery! I sloshed some paint on these fellows and hoped for the best...
Hopefully the results and my cavalier and purely amateurish attitude won't offend any of the hardcore Grognards out there...

You've made such amazing progress on this feudal Japanese project Tim. I'm sure you'll get it done for your deadline. We'll definitely need pictures of the entire set-up as it will be very, very impressive.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw the Napoleonic gun team as I know how much you loath the idea of collecting Napoleonics. Great work! The green for the gun carriage can be tricky but your's looks terrific. Great job!

This collection of feudal Japanese and Napoleonic French will give Tim 110 points.


  1. Very nice monks and gun team Tim :)

    10 buntai? That's a big project you set yourself. How many left to do?

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  2. Thanks Tasmin.

    I have about four left to finish up in the next (slightly less than) three weeks. One is very nearly done - I should finish up the last few samurai for it in an evenings work. The other three are about 1/4 to 1/3 done... but they're all Bushi Buntai - so there's lots of that damnable corded armour. I may not get ALL of them done in time, but that's okay as I think two of the participants are going to be brining their own...

    I'm looking forward to being done and painting a lot of stuff in khaki!

  3. Great work Tim! Looks like you've been a busy boy! btw loved your Superhero's in the bonus round!

  4. The monks look great. Artillery base not too shabby either!

  5. Lovely stuff Tim. The French artillery is fabulous and looks spot on to this old grognard.

  6. Lovely figures man, I have to admit i love the Japanese they are great

  7. excellent work - the gun & crew are very well done..

  8. Well done on both the Samurai & the gun. Knowing nothing about napoleonics also your gun and crew look great to me.

  9. Tim, for somebody who knows nothing about Napoleonics, you've done a smashing job painting and weathering those gunners.

  10. The Japanese are great but I really love those artillerymen. Beautiful painting.


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