Monday, February 3, 2014

From JohnM: 20mm WWII British Paratroopers (48 points)

From John:
British Paratroopers:
These 20 mm figures were a bit of a challenge. I have never painted personal camouflage in the past, and the dennison smock that the these paratroopers took me 3 goes before I had it right. I am sure they could be done better but for war gaming they look OK. I will get better on my next go with them. 
The figures are from TQD castings, and really they are quite nice. Beautifully proportioned, with lots of neat stuff, my only complaint are that they are on slotta bases. I had to hack off the slots for the Senior Leaders as I base them on nickels, rather then pennies, but I used the supplied bases for the men. 

The faces are just great, although I think I have to work on the mustache on the chief. 
I have ordered more figures as I have decided that I will do a whole platoon for Chain of Command. 

The proportions are a bit wrong for a paratroop section as I was short of rifles, but that will be corrected when new supplies arrive. We have two senior leaders, a Piat Team, a Bren team, a 2" mortar team as well as troops with rifles and SMG's. It is funny how all the little imperfections are missed until you photograph figures, but I have always found it a challenge to go back and fix things.
Great work John! You've done a very nice job with the dennison camo. I have found giving the camo a light was of Agrax Earthshade really helps to tie the various colours together. Try it out on a test figure and see what you think. 

Are some of these fellows using captured weapons? The LMG team looks like they're firing a MG-34 and the leader a MP40?

Slotta bases on 20mm? That's just cruel. I really wish manufacturers would drop the use of slottas as they're just so restrictive. Not everyone wants to be proscribed to a certain design of base. Makes me crazy.

These paras will give John 48 points. Nice job!


  1. Nice work on the Dennison smocks. It is a bit of a blighter to get the pattern right.

  2. Super work. Spot on! I use wood circles you get in craft stores for my bases.

  3. Nice work on the camo, especially for a first effort.

  4. Seeing these makes me want to get some 20mm British Paras. Very Nice job.

  5. nice.. seem to be popular theme the paras!

  6. Very well done! I know how hard the Denison pattern can be but you did a great job on them.

  7. They are well done. Bravo. I have some TQD figures and like them a lot. On the small side of 20mm but nicely sculpted. But Curt is right - why slottas, one asks?


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