Thursday, February 6, 2014

From TimB: 28mm Feudal Japanese Samurai and Ashigaru (80 points)

From Tim:
Dragon Clan Bushi Buntai
Here are 16 figures I've finished up for my Dragon Clan Bushi Buntai. This is the seventh buntai I've now completed and have to or three more that I hope to finish up in the next week or so... along with a bunch of terrain... battle boards... what was I thinking!? Oh I also have a bunch of Samurai and Ashigaru casualties that have no use in the game, really, but I'll be finishing them up as well (for the next Fortnightly Theme Bonus Round!) 
The Bushou and Hatamoto - both figures are from the old Alderac Entertainment Group Legends of the Five Rings: Clan War game.
Three Samurai - Also from AEG's L5R Clan War range
Ashigaru Spearmen from Old Glory

Ashigaru Archers - the one on the left is from Perry Miniatures, the rest are from Old Glory.

Ashigaru Gashira Bannerman - like the previous bannerman is an Ashigaru Spearman from Perry Miniatures that I made my own banner and pole for. 
Backside of the Bannerman. 

Wow, you've done seven of these groups during the Challenge? Excellent work Tim! I know you're now down to the crunch but I've seen you work under pressure so I'm sure you can pull it off. In regards to this group I quite like the green and yellow theme and your custom banner-bearer turned out wonderfully.

This Dragon Clan buntai will give Tim 82 points. Great job!


  1. Hi Curt - none of the pics are showing. They seem to be on your icloud rather than blogger

    1. Hm, so much for taking shortcuts... Thanks for the heads up as it was showing fine for me.

      Should be fixed now.

  2. Blimming heck, you churn these out! Very very nice, the colours are spot on.

  3. Nice work on these Tim. 7 down, 3 to go?

    1. Thanks Tamsin!

      In theory, yes... I did some checking with people who'd said they might be interested in coming and found I am down to 8-10 players and even if all 10 of them showed up, I know 3 of them would be bringing their own forces... So I don't actually HAVE to paint anymore at all... but I'm going to try and get at least one or two more done so people have a bit more choice of which buntai to play.

      I think I'm actually going to switch gears for the next week and work on some new terrain.

  4. I am a big fan of the green you have used. An excellent group of figures.

  5. Really nice paint-job on these - they truly look like a mean bunch!

    Pip pip

  6. Top notch work as usual Tim. The old Clan Wars figs are lovely, absolutely full of character. Interesting to see a Perry sculpt stand out as oversized by comparison for a change too.

  7. Great figures! Especially the flag freehand

  8. You've made a great job on these Tim, well done!


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