Thursday, February 6, 2014

From AlanD: 28mm Dark Age Arthur & Hun Date Night (120 points)

From Alan:
I am very fond of the Westwind Arthurian range, and finally got around to painting up their Arthur figure, but found a rearing horse from Black Tree Design to mount him on for extra heroic impact. The bloke with the horn is also from Westwind. As always the shields are hand painted. I can't bring myself to use decals.

Here also is my latest batch of ten 28mm Huns, mainly consisting of a group of noble cavalry. I gave a couple of them Roman tunics, which may have been looted from somewhere, or possibly suggest that the wearers once served as mercenaries for Rome. 

We also have a figure that I find very poignant of a Hun with a clearly terrified captive woman. This figure narrowly missed out on being sent in for the casualty bonus round.
Nearly all figures are from Foundry, with one from Gripping Beast. He's the one riding the creature that has some resemblance to a horse.

Very nice work Alan. Those hand-painted shields for the Arthurian figures are superb (though I will never begrudge anyone their decals, least of all me). The Huns are suitably ferocious though I must agree with you that some look like their riding large dogs. 

These lads, both chivalrous and not, will give Alan 120 points, placing him nicely amongst the top 10. Lovely stuff Mr. D!


  1. Fabulous work! I've admired this range too. Hand-painted shield designs! Well-deserved points!

  2. When I see troops like this I always think "I should get an army like this" unfortunately I just don't have the time, space or money to collect everything that inspires me. Terrific to see them though.

  3. Love the Huns but adore the Arthurians. As always your shieldwork is fantastic!
    Good job mate!

  4. The Huns are fine - anyway, all the ancient commentators mention how very ugly and undersized their horses were, so maybe Foundry has nailed it after all!

    But Arthur is excellent - you've done a great job with the horse swap (with the original horse, the cloak didn't look like it was blowing in quite the right direction), and the shields are brilliant. I'm a convert to decals myself, but this could prompt me to give freehand painting a go once more!

  5. Nice! The hand painted shields are great.

  6. Nice work on the Huns, but that Arthur figure is just superb, the shields are brilliant!

  7. Outstanding work on the Arthur. I really like these Westwind figures even when some of the poses are a bit strange. Got some myself again this week.

  8. Great job on these. The shields are excellent as always.


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