Saturday, February 8, 2014

From TimB: 28mm Cold War Soviets (25 points)

From Tim:
Just a quick one... I decided to take a quick break from the brightly coloured and annoyingly detailed samurai to knock off a few easy minis that arrived in the mail this week.

These are Atomic Cafe 1957 Soviets (I think Brigade Games makes them...? I picked them up from the North Star january sale - along with a few other Atomic Cafe 1957 packs they were blowing out). 

They look like they may have been sculpted by the same sculptor that did the Mongrel Cold War Soviets - of which I have a few - so these will fit in nicely with that.
Back to the Samurai in a bit, but I'll probably be taking a break for a week to get some terrain built.
Ah, this is a nice little diversion from your feudal Japanese project. Great work Tim!  I really like these early Cold War period models with their jodhpurs and high boots - very evocative of the time.

These five '57 Soviets will give Tim 25 points. 


  1. Good stuff Tim - must have made a nice break from all those Buntai :)

  2. Wonderful paintwork on these russians.

  3. You know you've been working hard when brown is pleasant change! Very nice for all that mate.

  4. These are really cool Tim - I had never heard of these castings before. You make them look great.

    1. I has some really oddball stuff. I also picked up some US civil defence troops in NBCD gear (armed with M1 Garand rifles!) some bloater zombies and the Michigan State Bowling Champions!?