Saturday, February 8, 2014

From MichaelF: 28mm & 15mm WWII American Paratroopers (33 points)

RobP's current activity with the Challenge has paid its dividends and so we are treated to these marvellous figures from his good pal Michael.

From Michael:
Well, this challenge is not the best for me so far. Way too many distractions but I hope during the second part I will have some more painting time... 
For my second entry another couple of figures I had to paint to finish a unit I started before the challenge. They are Offensive miniatures I bought at Salute last year. I already painted a platoon a few years back but I really liked this figures and it would give me something different than the usual Artizan WWII figs. They are highly detailed quality figs but that also means they take up a lot more time than the bulkier figures.

The 15mm are a test to see if this scale will work for skirmish games. They have passed the test and I will be joining a couple of friends friends with a 15mm skirmish force for Chain of Command.
Although these Battlefront figures are nice I won't be painting them any time soon as I prefer doing regular infantry as opposed to the elite guys.

Absolutely gorgeous work Michael. Those paratroopers are off the hook. Beautiful colour blending and the screaming eagle insignia is clearly discern. I particularly like the medic and the .30 cal gunner with the tawny moustache who is creeping ahead, slowly letting out a breath under the tension. Brilliant.

Your 15mm paratroopers are also very nice. Our group games WWII in 15mm for Chain of Command as well so you're not alone. The scale of the smaller figures seem to really fit the ranges of these skirmish rules. That being said we also like (and use) 28mm figures for the sheer detail and spectacle of the tabletop. Apples and oranges, eh.

These very fine American paratroopers, in two scales, will give Michael 33 points.


  1. Wonderful work they look amazing great job

  2. Wonderful painting Sir, those 28s could easily pass for 54mm.

    Pip pip

  3. Stunning work!
    That is indeed 33 points well earned :-)

  4. Absolutely stunning! Those Offensive figures are wonderful little sculpts, and your painting is just so subtle and realistic.

  5. Wow! These are absolutely fantastic!

  6. Very lovely, I've a few of these paras and yours are inspiring me to dig them out!

  7. Wow - very impressive brushwork on all of these. They look so full of character.


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