Sunday, February 9, 2014

From TimB: 28mm Assorted Sci-Fi Figures (30 points)

 From Tim:
Continuing on with the theme of "I'm sick of painting Samurai"... I finished off a few odd sci-fi-ish figures last night. 
A pair of Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop Rogue Trader era Eldar. 
I have NO IDEA what make or manufacture this fellow is... I found him in a bargain bin a number of years back for $1 (or maybe it was $1 for a pack with two in it...? I can't remember...) anyway, I thought he looked kind of cool and figured I could use him as some sort of techno-whatever in some sort of sci-fi game or even a superhero (or supervillain!) with some sort of electro-techno powers.
Finally three Cobalt-1 figures from Black Hat Miniatures. I thought the middle fellow looked like he could be a Rogue Trader (or a senior advisor to a Rogue Trader) and so picked him up recently along with these two others. 

Very cool! Those early Eldar figures take me back and I quite like the black girl with the white bobbed hair and the portly Rogue Trader as well.

These half-dozen non-Samurai figures will give Tim 30 points. 


  1. Very nice Tim. I especially like the Rogue Trader chappie. The "electro-techno powers" guy looks like he's saying to himself "Whoa! These goggles make my hands look HUGE!"

  2. Excellent work Tim. The two ladies make me think of Blake's Seven or Space 1999

  3. Nice retro look about them all. Great job.

  4. Great work!

    The mini you do not know is from the Trinity Battleground table top game. It was based on the RPG Æon (later Trinity, thanks to MTV) and also produced by White Wolf!

  5. Great entry - particularly love the old-school Eldar.

  6. Fabulous painting! The rogue trader definitely is my favorite.

  7. Cheers Everyone! I have a pile of the Eldar I hope to get to over the next year.


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