Sunday, February 9, 2014

From AaronH: 28mm WWII American Infantry (50 points)

From Aaron:
Here is the second squad for my 28mm WWII US GIs.  These are, again, the Warlord plastics.  I’m really enjoying painting these, enough that I might have to pick up some more GIs.  I free handed the rank and division insignia again.  They guy in the back, who appears to be running away, is actually just waiting for his shot in front of the camera.

I’m happier with the shoulder patches this time around.  My expectations were too high with the first batch.  Now that I know what to expect I was able to achieve it in a more consistent manner.

The rank insignia really only came out right on the Cpl.  The Sgt is bad enough I decided not to let you see his arms.  He’s lurking in the back in shame.

Great work Aaron! The rank insignia are excellent though I feel some sympathy for the poor Sergeant.  How will his lack of sartorial conformity affect his morale? Will the Corporal take leadership of the squad due to the sharp turnout of his insignia? How will the men react? I suppose only time will tell...

This squad of American GIs will give Aaron 50 points.


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