Thursday, January 16, 2014

From TamsinP: 15mm Thirty Years War Artillery Limber Teams (48 points)

This is the first day in which I've basically caught up with the Challenge submissions. Then again, I suspect that most of the participants are beavering away on their entries for the 'Vehicle' bonus round so I may be only experiencing an artificial reprieve. 

Nonetheless, having administered the Challenge a few years now I sense that we have left 'The Heady First Stage'; the euphoric, out-of-the-gate flurry of activity which is fuelled by the  abundant calories and free time of the holiday season. Instead, we are now entering into what I call 'The Grind'. This is where the pace of the Challenge becomes more measured and workmanlike. It's like the middle week of the Tour de France. Most participants are back to work and have to manage their hobby time judiciously.  It is also the period where many of them will think, 'I still have two months left, no worries.'  Ah, but  therein lies the rub as before you know it six weeks will have slipped by and we will be in the final run-in. It all comes down to good time management (something I always find challenging in of itself).

Accordingly, Tamsin manages to keep up her pace with this fine entry of six teams of Thirty Years War limbers.

From Tamsin:
Here we have six limber teams for my 30 Years War army. The figures are 15mm from Donnington Miniatures. Nothing else to say about them really.

Yup, just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts. 

It may seem like meat and potatoes but this is very nice work Tamsin. I quite like the civilian drovers with their wide brimmed hats coaxing the horses in their work.

These six limber teams will give Tamsin 48 points, well done.


  1. Well done Tamsin. I have always said that if I'm ever painting a limber team, then I've painted every other figure I have ever wanted to six of the darn things is very impressive.

  2. Yep, nice bit of back up tail there..

  3. Nice Tamsin, I have some of these as well rather unloved and part painted from decades ago LOL


  4. Very nice work Tamsin. Prior to particap.ting in the Challenge I followed it for two years and I can say that Tamsin works at a steady and consistent pace throughout. She doesn't seem to tire and is relentless in the pursuit of her goals.

  5. Nice to see that you've been keeping limber Tamsin - and good job on the painting and basing.

    Curt I am very glad to hear that I am not the only one suffering from painting sag.

  6. I am a wargamer. I follow blogs and occasionally view stuff from TamsinP, yourself and others.
    Could you please explain what this points thing is ? (or point me to an explanatory link). I just don't get it. What has it got to do with Wargaming ?

    1. Hi Wg Cdr - this link explains the purpose of the Challenge and how points are assigned to entries. This is the 4th year that Curt has run the Challenge, with more participants each year.
      People set their own goals and it is mainly about encouraging them to paint things during the cold, dark winter months.
      Some of us are gamers and it helps push us to complete armies for gaming (last year saw me complete a medieval Swiss army and largely complete my 30YW army), others are primarily painters.
      It also helps to push some of us to higher standards or to try new or different techniques.
      On top of all that, there's a great sense of camaraderie (and friendly rivarlies) that the Challenge engenders.

      I hope that explains what this is all about.

    2. and the link:

    3. Thanks Tamsin, I think you've done a good job summing it up.

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys. I do like to try to keep up a sustained level of output throughout, although pretty soon I'll be working on a big entry that will take me several weeks (and will therefore mean no entries while I'm doing that).

  8. Well done. Limbers are usually the last thing painted in any army but they do add such character to an army.

  9. Well done Tamsin! Nice to see some usually rather neglected pieces get some well deserved attention.

  10. Caught up? Well, we must rectify that immediately! Quick men (and women), more submissions!

  11. Good to see someone painting limber teams as they are often neglected. You've done a great job on them too Tamsin.


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