Thursday, January 16, 2014

From JaccoK: 28mm Cowboys & Cowgirls (110 points)

Jacco, a charter member of the 'Dutch Water-Bicycle Detachment',  picks up the gauntlet dropped by his chums MichaelF and RobP to see who can first get to 500 points.From Jacco:
Here are 7 Dead Man's Hand Lawmen I picked up at crisis Antwerp last November.

They are manufactured by Great Escape Games who also make the DEAD MAN’S HAND rules (which we have never played). These are in 28mm scale 28mm, my favourite scale. 
Next are 15 western figure from Black Scorpion. 28mm metal figures, the last ones I think because they switched the whole range to plastics a while ago.

I really love these figures although they are slightly bigger than the Dead Man’s Hand figures. The characters, poses and expressions are much better.
I painted all these cowboys to put a little pressure on Michael to host a western game with his beautiful new wester town (with train) which I have never seen fully on the table. 

Wonderful work Jacco! As you say, there are such great characters amongst these figires. I particularly like the fellow in the long duster with the crucifix and the formidable lady in the pink pantaloons.

These 22 cowboys and cowgirls will give Jacco 110 points. Well done and welcome back onto the roster Jacco!


  1. Great collection, very well painted, good job!

  2. Love what you have done with these guys and gels,


  3. More western figures. Always a good thing. These are very nice indeed.

  4. Lovely figures for your first entry Jacco :)

  5. Excellent work Jacco, the lass in the pink bloomers really stands out

  6. Great scott! That is alot of figs!

  7. Lovely stuff. Judging from the hardware that preacher in the duster is toting, it looks like there's a vampire problem in these here parts.
    Well done,

  8. Stunning work on all of these Western characters. That pink pantalooned lady's beehive is awesome. Dean

  9. Bloody great Jacco, love em all

  10. Really crisp paintwork. These are super Jacco

  11. Very tidy work sir. The colours are gorgeous and the basing really sets them off.

  12. Really nice figures, and great painting - I particularly like the rather portly chap in the red waistcoat (reminds me a bit of Denver Pyle in the move "Something Big".

    Pip pip


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