Friday, January 24, 2014

From TamsinP: 15mm Py-Rats (48 points)

From Tamsin:
Aaaaarrrr, me hearties! Some more bloodthirsty cut throats of the high seas to shiver your timbers!
And ain't these giant PyRats a fearsome sight?

Another fun unit for my pirate buccaneer army. These are 15mm PyRats from Rebel Minis. Lovely figures, but somewhat fragile (a few swords broke during prep). As with the skeleton crew, I've based these for use as veterans.

Apart from the bonus theme rounds, these are likely to be my last entry for a few weeks as I'll be working on the (not skeletal) human pirates with the intention of submitting them as one big batch.

How wonderfully odd Tamsin! Where do you find these figures? I particularly like the rodent waving the blunderbuss over his head while the one with the long coat and cutlass cuts quite a dash. (A cheese-tricorn here and there wouldn't go amiss with these fellows, eh?)

These hearty bilge rats will give Tamsin 48 points, just enough to nudge past 1000 points in order to claim victory in her side challenge with Ian and Burkhard.  Well done! Now just 200 more points and you'll meet your Challenge target as well. 


  1. Very Comical. As you mention a fun unit to add to the force. Nice work.

  2. Well done on getting to the fabled 1000, looking forward to the Pirate bomb you are planning on dropping in a couple of weeks


  3. Different and fun looking. Great job Tamsin.

  4. Very cool and you've cracked a 1,000 points!

  5. Love these Tamsin, very nice...

  6. They're realy funny! Great painting.

  7. Thanks guys - glad you like them!

    @ Curt - I was tempted to add some cheese wedges to the bases ;)

    @ Ian - that pirate bomb (as you so aptly describe it) will be a lot of points in one fell swoop

  8. Ok... Where are the ships..?

    Nice stuff T

    1. The ships were sinking, so this lot deserted and that's why they're on land :)

  9. PyRats??? Oh man, just when you think you''ve seen everything.
    Great job Tamsin!

  10. So if rats are first off a sinking ship what happens to these jokers? :-)

  11. Good grief!!! what are you up to know young lady!!!


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