Monday, January 27, 2014

From RobP: 28mm Sudanes, Nuns & French Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Pied (325 points)

RobP, veteran member of the beer disposal unit of the 'Dutch Water-bicycle Detachment', debuts in the Challenge with this stonking entry of Sudanese, Nuns and French Chasseurs. An entry which, I'm sure, will raise the eyebrows of his compatriots MichaelF and JaccoK.

From Rob:
I finally have gotten around of getting some things finished for the Challenge..I have been extremely busy with work the last few weeks and also suffered a major painting dip caused by  being very indecisive about what to paint... However, things are looking up now and since this weekend it feels like I am on a roll again... 
First up are two units of Sudanese Bazinger for the Sudan.. Figures are Perry. I had these still lying around and could not decide on what to paint for the Challenge so  started with priming a lot of different figures from different periods ranging from ACW to Napoleonics to Colonial to  western and WWII.... 
In the end I decided to finish these as a first entry due to the fact it offered me some easy-to-paint figures to get out of my painting dip... Not sure if I have succeeded though... 

Also included are some figures I painted for the non-combattant theme but that i finished too late because I had the dates mixed up... I do not know the make of these figs anymore but they will provide some female addition to the number of clergymen i painted in the past and that litter our gaming table as bystanders etc... Not quite like the Monty Python Nuns of Castle Anthrax unfortunately... 
Finally is a unit of Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Pied; 44 figures in total; all Foundry and two Perry figures in the command stand. Given the size of the unit I painted an extra  command stand so i can split the unit into two for gaming purposes. 

I bought the Foundry figures some time ago as a bargain offer in their ebay shop. They are Michael Percy sculpts and although not as detailed as the Perrys they came out very good after painting.

This entry will put me ahead in the little Dutch side competition and encourage MikeF and JaccoK to come up with some real units as a next entry... It looks like my painting dip is over so there will be more to come.

Holy Smokes Rob! That is a shed-load of lovely stuff. The Sudanese and Nuns are very nice but those Old Guard Chasseurs are the absolute bomb. Wonderful work!

Rob's debut will give him 325 points which I'm sure will make MichaelF and JaccoK scramble for their brushes. Well done Rob!


  1. This is an exciting mixture of mini goodness. If this is what things look like after you've been in a painting dip, you should dip more often. Bloody nice work!

  2. What a great first entry, very impressive


  3. Magnificent start to your Challenge Rob :)

  4. Really great chasseurs all stood at attention.

    I like the bazingers too - great there's so much colonial inspiration this year. Oddly, I had some Bazingers to paint but after prepping two I put the rest somewhere and can't for the life of me find them. So my unit looks unlikely to be painted!

  5. Lovely Haul Rob and such great painting.

  6. A really eclectic mixture of figures - I love the nuns (actually thought that looks worse in print than in my head!!!), but the Chasseurs look an impressively solid body of troops. Well done.

    Pip pip

  7. Bazingers? Bazinga! The Suadnese stuff is great but the sight of all those bearskins made this old grognard's heart skip a beat.

  8. Oh wow! Those chasseurs are immense - my new favourites from the competition so far!


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