Monday, January 27, 2014

From LordH: 28mm Napoleonic British Infantry at Waterloo - Companies 2 & 3 of the 69th Foot (178 points)

From Lord Hill:
Bit of deja vu now I'm afraid - here are two more companies in square - this time the remnants of No.2 and 3 Companies of the 69th Foot.  As before the figs are Victrix with a couple of Perry arms here and there. 18 men in each company so 36 figs.
Captain Charles Cuyler, commanding Number 3 Company, has lost his shako at Quatre Bras and is wearing a greatcoat slung over his shoulder. He was the son of a general and was promoted to Major in 1817.
Number 2 company had 16 casualties from a nominal total of 54 while Number 3 company lost 35 men from 61 - one of the worst rates for any British unit at Waterloo. Add to these figures the rear echelon men, plus all those charged with carrying wounded officers etc to the rear, and the 18 men shown here might even be too many!
I'm now heartily sick of doing all these redcoats with their endless intricate lace and webbing - I'm going to reward myself with some nice easy Rifles next!

Wow, great work Lord Hill! I really enjoy the historical background you provide for these units as it sets the figures in a wider context. Excellent stuff.

This company of the 69 Foot will give Lord Hill 178 points. Very nicely done - bravo!


  1. I only paint singles and have often admired the tenacity of those of you who paint massive units and armies. The dedication and focus required to do this is amazing to me.

    Well done!

  2. Excellent work again, enjoy the rifles


  3. I love these units, partly as I know I don't have the dedication to do anything so big!

  4. Very nice. There's been some great Napoleonic stuff in the Challenge this year.

  5. Well painted Napoleonic's stunning.

  6. Lovely work. A determined looking bunch. That one casualty figure really makes the unit stand out and look embattled and tough.

  7. As usual, you've ramped up the quality of your figures with each entry. Carry on the superb work.

    Pip pip

  8. I've been so busy with work etc over the past few days that had to time to post here but many thanks for all your kind words!
    Rifles next!


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