Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From RobH: Challenge Desperado: Freddie Sykes (20 points)

Rob sends in his Challenge Desperado: Freddie Sykes from 'The Wild Bunch'.

From RobH:
Here is my entry fee. Unfortunately, my point and shoot camera's batteries were dead, and I had only one AA battery, so I had to use my cell phone...  It's a 28mm Pinnacle miniature, as best as I can tell, painted as Freddie Sykes for the Wild Bunch. It's not a perfect likeness, but it was an enjoyable figure to paint. Here he is waiting for the rest of the bunch to return. 

His suit is actually done in Reaper's Dark Skin triad, and turned out much much much better than I expected. I also really like how his hat turned out - it's a different brown from the suit, and I think it works rather well. His shirt is ivory, painted using Vallejo Buff as the shade, then Vallejo Ice Yellow as the main color, and then Delta Ceramicoat's Antique White to highlight.
I always paint eyes on my figures greater than 10mm, and I rather like the squint I was able to put on his left eye. As you'll see when you get the mini, he's not as bug-eyed as some of the photos show. The pipe he's smoking, the nose, and the really big bushy white beard make me think of Santa gone bad. 
Basework is my standard 30mm round for civilians, with the figure's name written on the base and color coded with his experience status. All in all, a fun figure to paint, and one I'm sort of sad to give up.

Santa gone bad indeed! Lovely work Rob and thanks so much! I think you found a figure very close to Freddie's likeness and you've really done an excellent job with capturing the colours of his clothes from the film. Well done!

Freddie Sykes will give Rob 20 points to add to his tally. Lovely stuff and thanks again Rob!


  1. Nice choice of figure, I do like the Santa gone bad look to it.

  2. I think you pulled him off well


  3. Very nice work. I rely pretty heavily on the Reaper Dark skinned triad myself.

  4. That's one tough old geezer you've got there mate! Great work.

  5. Thanks, everybody. He was a joy to paint - easy detail and the paint flowed perfectly.

    Anne, I do agree - the Reaper skin triads in general are excellent. Though I think i'll be using the dark skin more for brown clothes than skin - it's not quite dark enough for folks like Zulus.


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