Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From BenG: 20mm Ancient Germans & Challenge Desperado (52 points)

Ben shelters from the Australian heat wave and sends us this great group of Ancient Germans and his Challenge Desperado.

From Ben:
Long time no post! After the extravaganza that was Borodino 2014 and its aftermath, the school holidays and the fact that southern Australia is in the grip of a +40ºC heatwave for most of this week (blessed cool change predicted on the weekend!), I haven't had a lot of painting time in the last couple of weeks.
What I have done, though, is a stand for my long-neglected late antiquity project; namely another Germanic tribal stand featuring mainly 1/72 Strelets figures with a couple of Miniart figs thrown in for variation. (I've just noticed that the rear-right axeman has had the paint from his helmet nasal wear off somehow. Grrrr...) I think the front row right figure with the sandy hair bears a slight resemblance to a certain round-house kicking, religious right-wing American B-movie film star who now inhabits the world of internet memes. Maybe under his beard there is no chin; only another axe!
Also included in this entry is the entry fee for the Challenge: a 28mm broomhandle Mauser wielding Mexican Villista revolutionary/bandit from Brigade Games.
I have 4 more figures which I was going to send unpainted as a bonus, but I had so much fun with this chap that I might paint the rest with a by-your-leave, of course, Curt.

Great to have you back Ben! Those great, hairy Germans are, well, great! I quite like the plaid cloaks and the hand painted shields - very choice indeed. And thank you so much for your Challenge Desperado! I love his guy with his mega sombrero and distinctive broom-handle heater, excellent stuff.

This group of hirsute Germans and this Mauser wielding Mexican will give Ben 52 points. Great job and thanks again!


  1. Nicely done and I'm willing to send you guys some of the cold weather we have here just so you can paint :)

  2. It must be very hard to paint in that heat as I imagine the paint drying as soon as it gets on the brush.
    I think the Mexican id fabulous.

  3. Great effort, you can keep the heat, I am fine with our cold weather


  4. ooooh Strelets 20mm's.
    I will be delving into the Germans later, very nice.

  5. Nice work Ben, that's a great looking Desperado!


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