Wednesday, January 1, 2014

From PaulS: 28mm Night Goblins & Gargoyle (105 points)

Paul returns with this (wait for it): great group of goblins with a great gnashing gargoyle. Schweeet.

From Paul:
First up are a selection of monsters for my project to rebuild Warhammer Quest with newer models. We have 8 Night Goblin archers, 8 Night Goblin spearmen, a champion with spear/shield, a warlord with two hand weapons and a Netter/Clubber team. 

The Night Goblin box has 20 models, so rather than building 20 of one type, I decided that it would be better to start with a small group of different types so I can start some level 1 dungeons. Over 2014 I hope to try and flesh out lots more of the different monster slots as well as making 3d versions of all the rooms...

The lower level monsters are going to be tabletop standard, with characters, NPCs, named villains and the rooms having a lot more love and attention put into them. 
There's also a quick little addition to my Pulp/Mythos skirmish setup too in the form of a gargoyle. This guy came with the Dredd Cultists set from the Mongoose kickstarter and was a real pleasure to paint. I think he is supposed to be a demonic imp, but I thought he looked more like a gargolye, so the blips on him became glowing crystals instead of spots

Awesome work Paul! The Night Goblins are great (love the purple bows and the yellow Bad Moon shields), but I find the verdigris growing between the gargoyle's toes to be particularly fetching. Nice!

This excellent group of figures will give Paul 105 points. Well done!


  1. Love the Night Goblins, especially the spear and shield boys


  2. Oooh I like these sculpts. So much style and character and very well painted!

  3. Cheeky looking little chaps. I like em. Shows how even the cheapest plastics (well GW "cheap" anyways) can look good with a little effort.

  4. The blue on the gargoyle looks especially good. And it's always good to get some low level Goblins done for some dungeon crawls. Nice work.

  5. I love these figures. The painting work is wonderful.

  6. little beauties. great choice of colours

  7. Fantastic work, Paul! The Gobbos are my favourites.

  8. Awesome job. I want to especially thank Curt for allowing fantasy in this year as the Oldhammer stuff to date has been fantastic.

  9. Thanks for the comments. It was nice to finally get these out and completed as it gives me some drive to move on with the rest of the project :)

  10. It's going to be one fantastic Dungeon.


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