Wednesday, January 1, 2014

From AndyM: 25mm Imagi-Nation Grenadier Company Officer of the Savage Swans (5 points)

Andy marches onto the Challenge points roster with this great Grenadier Officer.

From Andy:
Well, I say entry. It's only one figure! I've been meaning to rebase (and paint the extra figures needed) for my Savage Swans from my Altefritzenburg ImagiNation for quite a while and finally got round to it. I'd hoped to get them done before the Challenge started. And I did. Except when I started basing them I realised I was a figure short!!! 
So here he is. Officer for the grenadier company. Figure is 25mm RSM SYW Austrian (as are the whole unit). I've included a picture of him in his place in the line.

It's a start! :)

Well Andy, every journey begins with a single step and now you're officially on the path to your 1K target. This very fine officer of the Savage Swans (I really like his green cuffs and turnbacks) will give Andy 5 points for his entry onto the roster. Well done Andy! 


  1. Another entry? It is really fast!
    Very nice painted officer.

  2. Nice looking figure Andy, shame the others couldn't count!

  3. Very nice figure and choice of colours!

  4. OK Andy just another 995 point to go ;-)

    That unit sure is nice though, looking forward to seeing you will you points bag up


  5. Cheers for the comments. Nice to get started. I'm aiming to get two more similar size units done... :)

  6. Welcome along Andy, nice to see something a little more classic here. Let's see those new units over the next few months.


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