Friday, January 17, 2014

From JeremyM: 28mm Crazy Cat Lady (15 points)

Jeremy sends in this wonderfully characterful crazy cat lady and her 'lovelies' for us to enjoy.

From Jeremy:
This week I decided to finish a model I had originally intended for the first fortnight challenge, non-combatants. 
Its the Reaper miniatures Cat Lady in 28mm. As with my evil librarian/archivist and book monsters I'm intending to use her and her feisty felines in strange aeons. 
I based them on black cat bases' urban bases, and also included a sprue of their urban rubbish, which includes some fast food packaging which I tried to add McDonalds logos to, some cigarette packets, a newspaper, and a coke can. I know McDonalds isn't exactly the same period that most strange aeons games are set in but couldn't resist trying some freehand.

This is awesome! I love her technicolor outfit, especially the rumpled lime green socks and the fuzzy slippers - brilliant.  We definitely have to dream up some stats for her for use in Strange Aeons, I'm thinking some sort of witch/shaman with extra abilities due to her feline familiars.

The Cat Lady with her pride of cats will will give Jeremy 15 points.  Well done!


  1. Wow - A+ for originality. Best, Dean

  2. That is a wonderful character.

  3. Excellent!
    What kind of Lurker will she be? Are these the Cats of Ulthar? :-)

    1. I'm not quite sure exactly how we'll incorporate her or the evil librarian quite yet Paul, I imagine they would have to be scenario specific. I saw on the strange aeons website that there are a few rules for things like that. I like your cats of Luther suggestion

  4. Thats insane, but rather charming.

  5. Plenty of character in this entry :)

  6. Hey I think I used to live across the street from her! Great stuff.
    Cheers PD

  7. Love it! Really fun and creative.

  8. That's some great work! I especially like your extra effort you put into these bases.

  9. Something off the beaten path and well done!



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