Wednesday, January 8, 2014

From IanW: Challenge Desperado and 28mm Cowboys (70 points)

Hot of the varnishing board!
After the 6mm Marathon I wanted something a little different so went with my entry Fee and another ten friends.
All are 28mm (well 30 odd mm) Black Scorpion figures from their Tombstone collection of resin figures. 
These should have been a total joy to paint but I had a bit of a disaster with my primer settling on almost like sand. Of course this would not come off. More test firing of the Army Painter primer left me in no doubt that the can was done for and in the bin it's done. Out with a trusty Vallejo can and eventually I got something like a good surface put on some figures it was not great.
I did not so much pick Curt's figure as it picked me, I liked the cool attitude as he holds his hat whilst drawing a bead on his target. I loved the way the shirt went and the jeans so put him to one side mentally and as will be seen he really does not fit the rest. Hope you enjoy him.
Whilst buying one figure for Curt I thought it rude not to buy a few more and that's how I ended up with another ten. The kids showed interest so I soon got the idea of painting these fellow for the kids, something they were really into. So this coming weekend should see them getting used for the first time and if all goes well I will be adding to the collection, for the kids you understand.

The bad guys (my nine year old daughters choice) I decided needing uniformity so these all got buff coloured coats, as a bunch they do look mean.
None of the poses look bad with a few looking really good, though the guy with the loot is my favourite.
I tried to dust up the coats at the bottom but it does not show a lot, three of the guys got jeans the others make do with trousers.

By comparison the good guys are a more mixed bunch though two had similar coloured long coats the two guys with badge's could not be more different. 

The guy with the blue bandanna with a little snow in his moustache looks real mean, a seasoned gunslinger for sure.
Again most of the figures from the set are nice and strong but I am no fan of the guy standing on the rock, I wonder if he takes that rock everywhere in case he needs to fire that rifle?
In the end it was quite a lot of fun to paint them even if the start was a pain, will I buy more Black Scorpion? I think it's a safe bet, just got to make sure the kids have fun playing the game.

Great work Ian and thanks so much for the excellent gunslinger. That hand-cannon he's hefting is quite impressive! I particularly like the veteran gunslinger with the blue bandana and also the dust effect you achieved with the sheriff wearing the long coat. I'm sure your kids must love all these guys.

This group of villains and heroes will give Ian 70 points. Well done and thanks again!


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