Wednesday, January 8, 2014

From ClintB: Challenge Desperado, Bandito Straggler & Zombie Gunslingers (45 points)

From Clint:
First we have the Last Bandito from the Artizan pack (Bandito's II) that I managed to paint for the villains bonus round. He has been started but was not finished in time for that. Sometimes these things happen. But he will find a home in my Wild West collection and will no doubt get much action on the tabletop.
Then we have 4 Zombie Gunfighters by Foundry. Again these were started for the Villains round but did not get finished in time. Some Weird West zombie games are planned. There is just something so wrong with zombies with guns and yet I could not resist them.
Finally my entry fee to the Challenge. This figures was given to me By Anne O'Leary and is by Reaper Miniatures. I put a yellow stripe down his legs to give the impression that the trousers were from a Confederate Office. Who Knows he may once have been one or he may have gotten them from some less reputable source.

Wonderful work Clint! It's nice that the lone Bandito is rejoining his painted hombres and I love your zombie gunfighters (especially their super spooky eyes!). But my favourite by far is your Challenge Desperado. What better figure to come from you, Clint, than one whose pose virtually screams 'I'm an Eastwood character!'

These fellows of the Wild West fellows will give Clint 45 points. Again, very nice work and thank you!


  1. Great work Clint. I particularly love the Zombie guys.

  2. Yep the Zombies for me even though like you I don't think guns should go with them but it works here


  3. Nice bunch of baddies there Clint :)

  4. Very nice work! I especially like the Zombie Gunfighters.

  5. Excellent work Clint and I'm so very pleased that you found such a good use for that Reaper figure!

  6. Wild West zombies. How good is that. Excellent, that's how good.

  7. Very good job, Clint! My fav is the Reaper cowboy. I have the very same figure and painted him after watching "A Fistfull of Dollars" and "A Few Dollars More"
    the movies were in my first care package recieved in Afghanistan. The figure was a Christmas gift when I came home!

  8. Thank you all so very much for your kind words. I really do appreciate every single comment.

  9. Wow - I really like the clean, vibrant color palette on these. Best, Dean


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