Saturday, December 28, 2013

From Millsy: Dystopian Wars British Fleet (42 points)

Millsy changes gear for a bit:
The astute amongst you will have noticed that my second submission isn't wights, mummies, skeletons, zombies or any other form of undead. Nor is it Oldhammer for that matter.
The truth is I couldn't look another skeletal grin in the face without doing something different first, so when I got the Dystopian Wars rule book for Christmas the painting urge became near overpowering.
Whatever plans I had were immediately blown from the water by a broadside of Spartan Games resin goodness. Why some people think having large volumes of unpainted models about he place just in case you suddenly want to paint them constitutes a bad idea is beyond me. Anyway, enough rambling. 

With the exception of two small bomber aircraft this is the complete starter flotilla for the Kingdom of Britannia - one battleship, three cruisers, nine frigates and ten stands of aircraft. Despite my abiding affection for the dazzle pattern (it's all good right Curt???) I decided for something a bit different and went with a royal blue and bronze theme with white highlights. Cripes, I'm starting to sound like an interior designer.... 

I've still got another batch to be completed some time soon, mostly aircraft and a dreadnought. Before that though I should be able to face the lipless grinning hordes once more.
Dystopian Wars is such a great game and Millsy you've done a brilliant job with this British force. I think the 'razzle dazzle' thing has been done quite a bit so I really like the look of these. Now you just need to start pimping this core group with a carrier and a silly-big-ass flyer.

This steampunk fleet will give Millsy 42 points. Great work!


  1. Very nice.

    I like dazzle as much as the next man, but this colour-scheme screams "Britannia!"

  2. Very nice work, Mr Mills.

    In deference to your new status as interior designer, may I say, "This fleet is looking FAAABULOUS!!!"
    ; )

  3. What a grand fleet! Your choice of colours is spot on. Some time ago I wanted to give DW a go too but never really came into gear. So soon after I abandoned the project again...

  4. Really crisp colours, like it a lot

  5. Thanks all. I'm really enjoying painting these. They're the best resin casts I've come across by a country mile. How a certain other vendor can call theirs "fine" by comparison is beyond me.

  6. These are great, seems this period still has legs with a couple of submissions for the fantasy/steampunk ships


  7. They are really beautiful, a fine work.


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