Saturday, December 28, 2013

From KentG: 28mm Napoleonic French Hussars and WWII Japanese Infantry (137 points)

Kent builds on his first place points-lead with this magnificent unit of French hussars with three Japanese infantry added for tropical seasoning.

From Kent:
This entry is 12 Front Rank Hussars that I painted mainly on Christmas day. Next figures will be on foot instead of horseback, but I do have a few more cavalry hidden away ready to undercoat.

Also we have 3 28mm Bolt action Japanese figures two snipers and a free figure I got with a book, I really enjoy painting these figures - great sculpts.

Again, my mind boggles at the speed and quality of your work Kent - fabulous stuff. 

This selection of miniatures will give Kent 137 points, which includes a touch more for the hussars' very nice regimental flag. Great work Kent!


  1. Huzzah for the hussars! Great work Kent :)

  2. Wow, really in gear now Kent. Really nice as always

  3. Very impressive work from Kent - not only the quality, but the speed and quantity. Best, Dean

  4. Great stuff. Love the Japanese guy covered in leaves!

  5. Boy you have been kidding us with your target I think Kent. More great looking French

  6. A beautiful unit, it would be an honor to have them run down my fleeing infantry.

  7. Fabulous stuff! The Japs are simply stunning.

  8. They look very nice and I'm surprised to see you cranking out the units again!



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