Saturday, December 21, 2013

From MartinN: Challenge Figure - Captain Stransky from 'Cross of Iron' (22 points)

MartinN (aka 'Nick) sends in his Challenge Desperado which actually is not a desperado at all but rather a German character from Peckinpah's WWII film, 'Cross of Iron'.

From 'Nick':
I'm starting into the challenge with my entry fee figure. Seemingly opposed to all others I didn't go for the Wild West theme but decided (after Curt pointed out to me the film is from Peckinpah also) to do 'Hauptmann Stransky' from Cross of Iron. 

It's a miniature from Artizan Designs I deemed appropriate for the job. Originally the figure had a Iron Cross around his neck but to stay with the film I decided to remove it. As for the basing I imagined him in some trench or command post.
Jeez, this is a wonderful figure Nick. His face even looks like Maximillian Schell's 'Captain Stransky'. Very nice groundwork as well. I especially like that you removed the Iron Cross from the figure as that was such a pivotal element of the film. 
Captain Stransky:  'I will show you how a Prussian officer can fight!' 
Sergeant Steiner:  'And I will show you, were the Iron Crosses grow.'
Great cinema. 

This figure gives Nick a base of 20 points but I'm adding a couple more for the wonderful basework and the overall attention to detail. Thanks again!


  1. Amazing paint work really wonderful nice start to you campaign

  2. Hi great work! well done!
    even if it's not my preferred German historical period;-)

    I’m sorry to Disturb you, I need the home phone number of Curt, because the French “ nail” not “Mail” ( the equivalent of the Royal Fail for sure) need it to send the packet to him, it came back home for that;
    just to send to him the entry fee for Santa, I'm sure you can understand that ;-)
    All the best,

    Gilles W " Santa not so Close from canada ;-)"

  3. Each of the entry fee figures is a little piece of joy, this is no exception. Very nice work.

  4. Oh that's a wonderful piece. Well done.

  5. Excellent figure and paint job. Much better than mine.

  6. The depth of colour is wonderful. Lovely work sir!

  7. This looks great and glad you did the Iron Cross removal


  8. Great paint job. I was also tempted to do across of Iron but decided against it. Glad someone did, and so well.

  9. Wow, great work to a great cast, that set is one of my favorites.

  10. Wonderful work as always Nick! As hard as it may be to believe folks, but his work is even better in person!


  11. Thank you guys! And many thanks to Curt for the generous bonus points.

  12. Good thing I have not started work on my entry fee yet. I meant to pick that very same mini and I guess Curt has little use for two of these!

    But, this is a cracking paintjob, so I do not mind you pre-emptying my entry!

    Oh and great choice on the movie quote. That one has alwa┼Ěs been my favourite from notch the Steiner movies!

  13. Drat - (iron) cross doing Stransky as my entry fee. I'll bet someone will do a Steiner, so better cross that idea off too.

    Lovely work Martin/Nick :)

  14. Great figure.

    There goes my plan too Tamsin!

  15. Hmm, I guess great minds think alike, if it is four of us!

  16. Excellent Captain Stransky. Good call to remove the Iron Cross. And I love the quote Curt.

    1. I also was planning a Cross of Iron theme, fortunately I bought a couple of figures so I have a little wiggle room.

  17. A fantastic looking figure, my favourite entry so far!!!


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