Saturday, December 21, 2013

From ByronM: 28mm WWI Canadian Infantry (60 points)

If you've been following his first week's progress in the Painting Challenge, Byron has emerged as one of this year's painting machines! Here he comes back to his Great War project to show us a Canadian infantry section to add to his previous Highlanders.

From Byron:
This is my first rifle section that will make up the WW1 BEF troops of the Canadian 10th Battalion.  All of these these figures are from Renegade Miniatures which unfortunately is not taking orders right now.  I am lucky I picked them up over the summer when they had a same which was buy 3 regiments (28 figures per I believe) and get the 4th free.  Which was an outstanding deal since I believe they were 20 pounds per regiment pack!

The castings are generally really clean, and I only had a few figures out of over 100 that had issues.  The only real problem with them is they are pretty chunky.  They are essentially Games-Workshop 28mm, not real 28mm.  Therefore for units where I have other manufactures miniatures mixed in I had to get creative and dremel-out the 3mm base and sink these guys in about 2 mm as well as cut off their build in base, and then on the other figures I left them on their tabs and mounted them on top of the base.  It makes them all the same height, but they guys look like they would weigh about 250 pounds each of solid muscle.

The 10th Battalion, along with my previous entry from the 16th were some of the first Canadians to see battle in WW1.  Better yet for me as someone from Winnipeg both Battalions had strong ties to Winnipeg and many of the soldiers that fought and died in those Battalions came from Winnipeg or other prairie towns.  The Winnipeg contingent of the 10th was made up of the The 90th Winnipeg Battalion of Rifles which still exist today as the Royal Winnipeg Rifles nicknamed the “Little Black Devils” and are stationed out of the Minto Armoury here in Winnipeg, which also houses the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders which made up part of the 16th Battalion I submitted earlier.

My plan is to have 4 sections of each the 10th and the 16th painted before the end of this event.  Don’t let my recent flourish of painting fool you though, that is still highly in doubt, since I have already painted more in the last week than I have in the last 4-6 months….

Well, that is what the Challenge is all about. I expect, like previous years, many of the participants will be twitching husks holding smoking brushes BUT they'll have lots of stuff done!

Byron, beautiful work here. I agree about the 'heft' of Renegade figures but I like them for it. Besides these are strapping Canadian prairie boys, fed on beef, bread and perogies!

This infantry section will give Byron 60 points. Well done! (And I really like the beaver-free activation card.)


  1. Well done , they are great!
    as they were when they came to help us during the WW1!
    we don't forget them!

    All the best


  2. Wow, what great painting. They look fantastic.

  3. Awesome painting again! I also like how you put them into their historical context.

  4. Loved the highlanders and I love these!

    Also like the basing! The flowers give it a nice early war feel!

    1. Thanks!

      I am using the flowers and green grass on purpose for just that reason to show early war when the Canadians were just arriving in from behind the lines.

      I also felt it makes a nice contrast from the German basing which I am doing all on churned up brown earth, planking, trenching material, and debris. That way at a glance the two forces look distinctly different.

  5. Nice one Byron. I love Renegade but haven't painted any of their WWI stuff. They seem just as good as their other stuff though and you've done a fine job with them!

  6. Wow, fast and great looking figures, well done


  7. Quite a pace you're setting Byron

    1. Having monday off, and then 2 sick days this week really helped that pace. Don't worry, there is no way I can keep it up throughout the challenge. I have already painted more than I have in the last 3 months in the last week.

      That, and I am sure something else shiny will come along to distract me.

  8. Very professional paint job, this painting challenge is very exciting.


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